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Не на форуме eight86six 
hello folks.
-i'm thinking about quitting BFP4F because i can't strand all those nbs (not newbies but players with zero effort to capture or defend flags ) doing nothing but spawn camping...
-but Idea i thought of severs which have rank limits
is it possible to limit rank needed to join server??? Huh
for example,if an admin sets the minimum rank to be 20,then guys below that simply can't join and spoil the game.
or to set the max to lvl 10 so newbies can play without being harassed by some lvl 25 maniac.
i would really like to see that as soon as possible. Confused
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Не на форуме JCManibog4 
yeah good point one time i was the only one on my team who could fly right! /sign!
EDIT hey lvl 10 is a high enough rank to be called an experienced player because he/she is in double digets. im lvl 10 assault DONT MAKE FUN OF ME BECAUSE IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO GET THERE BECAUSE IM USING LAPTOP!

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