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Не на форуме MajMerLiN 
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HONOR, DUTY and TEAM COHESIVENESS are the core values of TeamOSS. Greetings and thank you for checking out our team!

We are a Multi-Gaming Community whose values include, but are not limited to, fair gameplay, strong competition, strong ethics, compassion and caring for other players while holding our values high, keeping our team a notch above the rest.

In the TeamOSS community, no one single player is above the team. Therefore, we are looking for members who understand that honor is not just a word, but a way of life. Integrity must be a strong characteristic in each member who is a part of TeamOSS.

If these core values are of interest to you along with exciting team play action in Battlefield Play4Free and other various games, then we encourage you to check us out at http://www.teamoss.com. Joining is easy, just fill out our application form on the Join Us page and you will be off to an adventure unlike no other.

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TeamOSS Gaming Community Announcement

The TeamOSS Gaming Community will be adding new servers to their lineup. Please be sure to check them out!

Click here for our Site Smile

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Не на форуме SmokeyJJ_(M) 
Hey guys,

I think I may have been wrongfully banned from TeamOSS Gaming Ground Maps. I keep trying to join the server and it only gets to "Joining Game," then times out with Error 2. Can someone check into this for me?


False alarm. After failing about 35 times, it (for some reason) now allows me to join the server. Cheers!

(18-05-2012 02:33 PM)jjagged писал(а):  The grenade booster is bugged, and will be nerfed, or rather fixed.

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Не на форуме eVVVVe 
Hey guys !
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Не на форуме Red.Royson 
How i add your werver in my bookmarks?
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Не на форуме realhackFGD 
Hey cuy's can i join Oss i dont wanna fill in any form if u want i'll meet u inteamk speak or PM .. thanks !! Smile

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