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06-11-2011, 10:27 AM | Сообщение: #1
Не на форуме [BiH]Ma_v3r1cK 
Hi I am new at the game and forum Big Grin

Before copule weeks I download this game install and played it.
Then I moved the game from my C:/ drive to D:/ because C:/ drive was full.

But when I wan't to play the game it just want to redownload it and reinstall it Confused

So I removed something else and I returned the game to c:/ drive but it's still wants to redownload the game.My internet is slow it will take another 4-6 h to download it and I just can't wait.

Any solutions ???

Thanx anyway Big Grin

Ma_V3r1ck Smile
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Не на форуме HomeSen 
Forum Rules писал(а):Make sense, not war
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Some examples of inappropriate thread titles:
  • "Help me" "I need help" "I have a question" "READ ME" "URGENT"
  • "WTF" either in abbreviation or fully written out
  • Swearing of any sort

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And next time, please use the forum search before creating a new thread about something that already has been asked/answered Wink


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