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18-12-2010, 12:27 AM | Сообщение: #261
Не на форуме Johanna 
(17-12-2010 07:52 PM)Jurjee писал(а):  
(17-12-2010 07:38 PM)InsaneRecon писал(а):  
(14-12-2010 01:08 PM)sqaz2wsxx писал(а):  plz help when i search for a game it says connection lost
me problem is that every time I press the PLAY NOW button it says after a few seconds Matchmaking Error (timed out). I tried it hundrets of times but nothing.

Me2 ;l

Try harder Tongue

No gun, No game Blush
18-12-2010, 04:12 AM | Сообщение: #262
Не на форуме jaymat1 
i hope they end up patching those flying boxs that might be for super low graphics only my com cant handle low Sad
18-12-2010, 04:49 AM | Сообщение: #263
Не на форуме Mr.NVA 
how to download patch..
18-12-2010, 08:54 AM | Сообщение: #264
Не на форуме R(RubiX)K 
awsome, i have been waiting for this
18-12-2010, 11:06 AM | Сообщение: #265
Не на форуме FreddyHillNiggr 
(14-12-2010 12:52 PM)Wizlo писал(а):  Yeah! Start to download patch right now!
Want to test new stuff! =)

where can i download this patch?
18-12-2010, 12:08 PM | Сообщение: #266
Не на форуме mattwold12 
cool i love p90 my favorite smgCool
18-12-2010, 01:03 PM | Сообщение: #267
Не на форуме Lars 
p90??? it isnt even there!
18-12-2010, 01:05 PM | Сообщение: #268
Не на форуме Aircoke 
Ohh...cant wait for the store to become available then Big Grin

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18-12-2010, 01:09 PM | Сообщение: #269
Не на форуме Agente_Medic 
i thank bfp4f that i can test it
18-12-2010, 04:15 PM | Сообщение: #270
Не на форуме runebudddy 
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i cant wate to waste my money on this game Big Grin lol
18-12-2010, 04:19 PM | Сообщение: #271
Не на форуме runebudddy 
yea the allsult i think needs the sight of the ppk2000 becasue its imposible to snip with but the ppk is the best to snip and the m16 looks awesome Big Grin
18-12-2010, 04:23 PM | Сообщение: #272
Не на форуме HeliPilot 
I am level 5 and only have 2 skill points... why?

Always have your stuff when you need it with Dropbox. http://db.tt/aW8hfZj
18-12-2010, 04:59 PM | Сообщение: #273
Не на форуме Dr.fire 
Good update. Thanks.

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18-12-2010, 05:02 PM | Сообщение: #274
Не на форуме RUSSIAN 
Please release store.

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18-12-2010, 05:15 PM | Сообщение: #275
Не на форуме RedReaper 
(16-12-2010 04:41 AM)Beelzebub писал(а):  
(14-12-2010 11:42 PM)Guvna писал(а):  "Tanks and APC's are overpowered"

Here's a news flash, the purpose of an armored vehicle is to protect it from small arms fire.

If only... if only some sort of weapon could penetrate their armor.

So you are saying in real life you need 3 rockets to take out a tank or APC?


No, newsflash for you, you need just 1 rocket in real life to take out a tank. Or at least 1 makes it unusable.

So why in this game 3?

Yall have obviously never played a Battlefield game. Vehicles are the MAIN FOCUS of this game, go back to heroes if you don't like tanks, planes, and helicopters.. because that's what people will teamkill, spawn camp, and wait for until they respawn... Rolleyes
18-12-2010, 07:06 PM | Сообщение: #276
Не на форуме mattwold12 
hey i dont have the update? how the you get it
18-12-2010, 07:13 PM | Сообщение: #277
Не на форуме tehcool 
Nice Smile
18-12-2010, 07:30 PM | Сообщение: #278
Не на форуме Schmeichele 
must manually download the update? or to wait and she will automatically be withdrawn?
18-12-2010, 08:26 PM | Сообщение: #279
Не на форуме yoshie12349 
were do u find the jets and heil
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18-12-2010, 09:13 PM | Сообщение: #280
Не на форуме GJJFan 
(15-12-2010 04:45 AM)Kitsune писал(а):  Store? Why would i buy anything? This game is currently in terrible shape and its in beta.

Obviously you've never been a part of a brand new (closed) Beta release? The point of us helping is BECAUSE it's going to be loaded with bugs, errors, etc. Ummmmm, DUUUUUUHHHH!!!!! That's because it is a NEW GAME! Seriously, I read thru some of the crap to get to the real issues of the game, and things I should pay attention to. ANd I see WHINING like a bunch of little babies who got their ba-bas taken away! Good gawd, folks! You're part of a development period way before a game ever gets released to the public. Be happy you get to help to be a part of how the game goes and ends up before it is finished. Do you think BFBC1/2 came out of the development room WITHOUT being tested first?!?!?! LMAO

Anyways, thanks for the patch updates, and we hope this will take care of some of the login issues.

See you on the (testing)Battlefield!


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