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Offline Razor2011 
"How many times can you tell your son that everything is going to be ok?"

~!Blood_Lust!~ Recruiting infantry players

To us offence is the best defense!

Current members;

Closed beta player
Level 11 engineer- MP5
Level 10 medic- M249 Saw
Level 17 recon- Enhanced Scope m95
Level 20 Assault- Holosight Aug

Level 14 Assault- Elite m16a2
Level 12 recon- Enhanced scope m95
Level 8 medic- Veterans PKM
Level 6 engineer- Mp7

Level 21 medic- USAS 12/ MG3
Level 16 engineer- PP2000

What are we looking for:
Regular players
Available for clan wars
Level 10 + soldier (Min 1)
Availability to make a play4free league account

Leadership roles:
For players good at Photoshop/ Making website etc

What we don't want:
Booster noobs
Spawn Killers

How to join?
Make a play4free league account and search for ~!Blood_Lust!~
Or make a play4free league account and pm me your name for an invite

Future Adds:
Team-speak 3
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Offline [B]reaker 
I'm intereste in joining your Clan. Wink

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