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I don't know how long it's been since I picked up BF Heroes, but that was my first exposure to the whole "Battlefield" thing. I played Halo in high school and mostly sucked at it. Was never in any way a decent player, but for some reason these games keep dragging me back in. I guess I keep trying in the hopes that some day I'll actually be on par with normal people, but meh.

with BF Heroes being the only game I was semi-good at in this universe I feel like I've hit a brick wall, which is probably why I dropped the Beta nd went back (that an the instability). Lately, however, I've kind of been getting over the cartoonish nature of that game. Yeah, it's great, I can do well and such, but there's only so much crap you can take before I want to just punch my monitor, same thing happened in TF2. As much as realism kills me at my skill level, after awhile it's all I can stomach in this (Halo was Sci-fi, but close enough).

With that said, I'm just trying to tread water in this game and I seem to keep drowning. My K/D ratios aren't that bad, but I'm a medic so I try to not worry about that too much. I figured a medic would be the easiest class to get a feel with as healing abilities are always nice (at least they were in heroes).

I was shocked when I got in game and saw my medic came with a SAW (or a varient of). That's going to take some getting used to, I was expecting an SMG. anyway, so far I'm jsust trying to make my way through this and not die too much in the process. Heck, it took me quite awhile to realize that my medkits don't need to be picked up... Mostly I try and hold down firebases (because nobody else seemes to) and my equipment seems suited to that. I try to keep recons fed on health and drop kits on main paths on my way out from the spawn (don't know if that helps). I see a lot of random +20s so I must be doing something. Getting used to the crosshair spread on my weapon and the long reload time is a bit tough, but I guess every class has that one handicap in one way or another.

My only question stems from the facat that I think I'm doing something wrong. I know I can crouch. I know I can switch to an ironsight view for shooting. Is there any way to deploy that lovely tripod on the end of my gen and lay down? I feel like a complete n00b for asking, but I didn't see a key for that, just crouch.

If you wish, feel free to throw any other tips in there. I really hoped this game might help me with my coordination and awareness a little bit, as I have some problems with that. I know video games aren't that best source for improvement, but I may as well give it a shot. At least I respawn here, Counter-Strike was more waiting than playing...last time I go to a cyber cafe with friends... I feel like the only college kid that sucks at CS and CoD.

Well, off I go. Maybe I'll actually win a game before I head to bed. Russia is actually beating the US... how the heck is that possible. Dodgy
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About laying down - unfortunately it's not implemented yet, don't know why.

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(06-11-2011 05:06 PM)Robert147 napisał(a):  About laying down - unfortunately it's not implemented yet, don't know why.

The devs have said there will be no prone in P4F, it would have an adverse effect on the kind of gameplay they want to see.

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