[Guide]A tutorial about aircraft training [Version 1.1]

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Version 0.3: First release
Version 0.4: added "IV Some interesting guides"
Version 0.75: Exercises for jets complete.
Version 1.0: Exercises for helicopters complete.
Version 1.05: I adds a file to remove the message "The game will start when 1 more player(s) join".
Version 1.10: change BF2 demo to BF P4F empty server and add my control

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=2de57b47b92f6d...f784ffedaf]

The reasons for this guide

I'm tired of seeing noobs crashing their aircraft less than a minute after takeoff. At the moment there is no "tutorial mode "as in Battlefield Heroes but live servers are not made to train ! An empty server is perfect for this and as the most important in a training is not how long but how we train, i will add some exercise to improve your skill.
I'm not the best pilot and if you have some good exercise i would add with joy.
PS: I crash my helicopter in my first takoff but I downloaded the BF2 demo shortly after Tongue

Table of Contents

I The tool

II Exercises for helicopters
A) Basic movements
A.1) Start
A.2) Stop
A.3) Turn X° to the left
A.4) Hovering
B) High speed
C) Quick 180°
D) Blind bend
E) Fly low
F) Shooting practice

III Exercises for jets
A) Basic movements
B) Use face camera
C) Bombing
D) Fly high
E) Swoop

IV Some interesting guides
A) About jets
B) About helicopters

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[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=106d165104502a...e5f5194b8f]

I The tool

Found an empty server with filter ( don't select "Hide empty server" and found a server near you).
Now you have the best tool for training, no one can "steal your jet" and no one can kill you.

Ok, now go to OPTIONS -> VIDEO.
Selecdt High if your computer can do it !!!
Don't forget to click APPLY Tongue

You have 3 interesting things in control :
- In Aircraft, choose a button easy to use for countermeasure
- In General, toggle camera is a rear camera, it can be usefull in chopper less in plane
- In General, face camera, to see behind you very important in a jet
You need to have these "keys" very close to fingers, i use C and V.

This is my control, i use a old Logitch G5 with a very easy to use button on the left (M3).

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=28bdebaa2491d0...mp;amp;c=1]

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=259aa962211215...mp;amp;c=1]

It's time to takoff !!!

Take 5 minutes to believe in Top gun or Airwolf but back then it was more work.

You need to assign a last key near fingers: "cockpit". You need to press it after using chase front camera.
Another key can be usefull to spot with one button, see the Johnysnake guide for more intel.

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[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=fce2ecdb400a02...6fdfa5465d]

II Exercises for helicopters

A) Basic movement

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=85f09d913aef66...97aaf6aea7]


A.1) Start

Cytat:- Take Altitude above the trees
- Take some pitch angle (you must see the ground)
If you lose too much altitude reduce the pitch angle.

A.2) Stop

Cytat:- You need a good speed > 250
- altitude > 50 ft
- Take quickly some angle (you must see the sky) , < 45°
- Take some pitch angle (you must see the ground) to not reverse
- Take some angle (you must see the sky)
- etc ...

A.3) Turn X° to the left

Cytat:- You need a good speed > 250
- altitude > 50 ft
- release the throttle
- take 45° (Roll) to the left
- take X° (Yaw) to the left
- when you turn is over, Full thottle

Look your altitude to know when you need full throttle or not.

A.4) Hovering

Cytat:- You need a good speed > 250
- altitude > 50 ft
- go to the Hotel ( this is the highest building ), it will be you reference mark
- stop
- try to not move and don't bring or lose altitude
A perfect hovering need 30% throttle.

B) High speed

Cytat:- spawn on the carrier like a US
- use the Apache
- takeoff and stay above the water
- altitude 30 ft
- your goal is to have the best speed ( over 300) and don't lose altitude. Your altitude must be betwen 25 and 30.

The best speed is 330/340 without losing high. If you want more challenge you can stay between 10/5 ft or 5/0 ft.

C) Quick 180°

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=90c278e5921f8e...9ade285050]

Often you need to do a second pass quickly and you don't have the time to do an half-circle.

You start from the park, gain enough speed and do the maneuvre face to the hotel.
The red rectangle show the maximum space needed to do this maneuvre. When you cross the black line you need:
- speed > 300
- 0° roll
- low altitude

Cytat:The maneuvre:
- Take quickly 45° (pitch)like to stop
- release throttle
- when you have 45°(pitch) roll 45° to the left
- manage throttle
- go back to the park

D) Blind bend

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=c45464a19ffed5...2a3261b764]

Often you need to do a quick turn around an object and to be efficient you don't see that object when you start this maneuver.

Cytat:This circuit start from the Hélipad.
Objectives (prioritized) :
- low alitude
- do not touch the ground
- high speed

This exercise is difficult because the ground have different altitiude at the start and the end of the turn. You will hit the ground often.

E) Fly low

Cytat:You start from the gas station.
The path in black are "One way" and in red you pass in 2 direction

Some maximum altitude for reference:
- 10 ft above the water
- 15 ft above bridges
- 25 ft on the ground

Try to keep a speed > 300

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=3d59502a1172a1...126e2a47bb]
[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=c4304d2d7bbd84...1f3334780c]
[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=4cf3f264a3616d...5dbd40e9e0]
[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=2158a7735fd3aa...596ba28d2c]

F) Shooting practice

- You can found a lot of target on the map like jet, APC or tank.
- Try to destroy your target in one pass.
- If your target is still alive do a quick 180° and make another pass.
- Don't slow down.
- A direct hit will jerk your target (works only with empty target)

Cytat:How many rockets to destroy:
- plane = 2
- APC = 4 but with only 3 it will self destruct
- tank = 5 but with only 4 it will self destruct

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.jpg  quick180.jpg (Rozmiar: 88.88 KB / Pobrań: 4208)
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.jpg  parcoursA_3D3.jpg (Rozmiar: 89.49 KB / Pobrań: 4149)
.jpg  parcoursA_3D4.jpg (Rozmiar: 63.7 KB / Pobrań: 4200)

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[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=a5ae3ffe3b6667...dba740320c]

III Exercises for jets

A) Basic movements

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=0a33b368d9c568...02ead9e23d]
In a plane you can move in 3 directions and the result depends of your initial state.

You will start in USMC and bring this F-35, to do a good start you need some pitch angle.
[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=d6f4c8ff03438e...f5f6b5f86c]
Some interesting exercises, stay under 200 ft for the moment:
- do a 180 ° with only the yaw
- do a 180° with yaw and roll (better)
- use a roll of 90° (you need to use the yaw)
- cross the map on the back
- looping (good to escape to an AA missile)
- split-S (good to escape to an AA missile)
- immelman (nice 180°)

I use a mouse and keyboard and looping are very annoying, the best tactics that i have found is to use my mouse like an iron fat very quickly. I escape to AA missile but the best would certainly be a joystick.

If you want more fun you can try to pass under this bridge:

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=0c86892b02d8b7...cae72e3085]

B) Use face camera
You need to use the Face camera in some situation:
- a jet is in your tail
- bombing
- see the position of ennemy

So it's important to train a bit before bombing.
This is a typical use of face camera:
[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=4011b9b56025d8...3cfcd0457e]
With this i know that i hit my target.

Do some figure like a looping or a swoop with only the face camera.
Cross all the map and do some turn with an alternate of camera.

This is not difficult but you need to be at ease with it.

C) Bombing
Bombing is an important part of the "jet's gameplay" and and train can help you a lot. This is my first usage of an empty server with the helicopter.

If you haven't read the Johnysnake jet's guide, look this parts for some explain about it: 5.5 Fighter jet and Bombing.

For a perfect bombing:
- roll angle to 0
- pitch angle to 45° when you drop the bomb
- don't take damage
- and off course destroy your target Tongue

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=bf9bf0cae5e24a...aa0aff070e]

Look this video to understand the relation betwin your pitch angle and who aim.

Cytat:Important: press the N key to see the most of the map in your mini-map like in my screenshot !
To start your targets will be the bridges, some advantage to use bridges:
- you can see them on the map
- you see on the map when they are destroy ( they are in yellow)
- the damaged part of a bridge are blackish or destroyed

Bridge need 2 pass to be destroyed. Destroy all the section of a bridge before attacking another one.

Don't focus to the second bomb, only the first one is important for the moment.

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=b9eaebb4179d91...733a8992d2]

Here you can see 2 damaged parts of a bridge, some bridge and a destroyed bridge on the mini-map (behind the plane). I release the bombs just at this moment. Just after that i use the face camera to see the result.

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=8904ca17828f06...9c2c459f80]

[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=ba3a15883ac82f...59fe30ba17]

When you are enough good with bombing you can try to destroy an APC or a attack hellicopter with only one pass (2 bombs). This requires a bit more precision.
If you miss, destroy the target with your MG before another trial.
[Obrazek: attachment.php?attachhash=efb842ffd3d2ce...b2bcc7a020]

D) Fly high
When i started with the jets I was dying often that I could not see the ground, i left the map.

2 interesting exercises:
- go up to 450 ft, use a little of yaw, roll and pitch but stay up that 450ft and under 800ft.
Now you are lost in the sky, use the mini-map and the flags to know where you are. Look the roll and pitch indicator to know your status and don't get out the map !!!
Cytat:Flying at 400 ft or more is usefull to go somewhere without be annoying with AA and often ennemy jets

- go up to 800 ft and in the middle of the map, you will lose the control of your plane, don't panic.
Reduce throttle to zero and wait that the plan fall under 800ft. Now you can max your throttle and you recover the control of your jet.
Cytat:This technnique is usefull to lost a jets in your tail or to be AFK or typing. Try to do that near the limit of the map, if you are good you can "kill" your opponent.

E) Swoop

The swoop is very useful against AA on the ground, the most important is to have a benchmark. Use the flags and the mini-map to locate your target.

Your first target will attack choppers, make a first low pass to identify their location relative to the flag crossed out.
Now go over 400ft and try to destroy them with your MG. Shoot forward to see and do not try to be too precise, spay using yaw.

You can easily destroy it in one go, once you master it, you attack The transport chopper.

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IV Some interesting guides

A) About jets
- The Aviators Guide by [CANADA]_Zenmaster
The best guide that i read for BF2... it made me forget the other Blush

- [GUIDE]Jets by Johnysnake
The best guide about jets for P4F. If it continues like this it will be better than the Aviators Guide.

- Missile Evasion Guide by DrDred-E
Only one subject, this is simple but very usefull.

- BF2 bombing points and angles by Bentley05
I look a lot of videos and read some guides about bombing, but with this video you will understand in 5 minutes how to aim. I you will watch only one video about bombing, is that it.

B) About helicopters
- [GUIDE] Attack Helicopter - Strategies and Hints by Pvt.Parts
The best guide about attack chopper, simple but usefull.

You can found usefull idea and this is the only one to talk about transport chopper.

I don't speak about BF2 guides because the strategie are not the same in P4F.
The most dangerous weapon in a BF2's Attack chopper is the TV missile guided from the gunner and for P4F this is the Hellfire from the pilot.

The controls from a chopper in PF4 are the same that in BF2 but the strategie are closer than BFBC2.

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Offline Ixpack 
carry on m8... I'm waiting Wink I use attack3 joy (can't fly yet but I'm going to learn ;>)

It's easy to be brave behind the walls of your own castle (or cheats).
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Offline [KZ-0]Archangel 
This is shaping up to be quite the guide. PM Me when you finish it and i'll add it to the list.

13-03-2011, 08:41 AM | Post: #8
Offline [FR]Scompe 
Version 0.4, you will find some interesting things in the part IV.

26-03-2011, 02:39 AM | Post: #9
Offline [FR]Scompe 
Version 0.75: Exercises for jets complete.

I think that the bombing part can really help.

26-03-2011, 10:24 AM | Post: #10
Offline Paaso 
Nice job! Keep working!
28-03-2011, 08:49 AM | Post: #11
Offline [FR]Scompe 
Version 1.0: exercices for choppers complete.

I can improve a lot of things (like my english Tongue ) or add some exercices and redo the "Basic movement" for jets, but not today.

28-03-2011, 10:47 PM | Post: #12
Offline Johnysnake 
It looks better everytime i visit your guide. Keep up the good work m8.

29-03-2011, 11:42 AM | Post: #13
Offline Helicopter_Ambo 
Nice guide Smile hopefully helps a lot of people

29-03-2011, 12:01 PM | Post: #14
Offline Lechuque() 
Very good tutarial, Scompe, (I fly a lot myself)
and I think this is one of the better tutorials out there.

I just hope many new player will find out about it.

Unfortunatly most players out there don't speak English very well,
and maybe it's time for a foreign language section on the battlefield fora.

So that with a little effort from the comunity we could translate the guides
into other languages.

Thanx again, and well done,

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Offline [FR]Scompe 
Thank you for your encouragement, it makes me happy.

(29-03-2011 12:01 PM)Lechuque() napisał(a):  Unfortunatly most players out there don't speak English very well,
and maybe it's time for a foreign language section on the battlefield fora.

So that with a little effort from the comunity we could translate the guides
into other languages.
I can translate it in french Wink

I think i haved already played with you IG.

PS: Version 1.05: I adds a file to remove the message "The game will start when 1 more player(s) join".

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Offline XavandSo 
This is..... GREAT!
I really needed this guide on how to bomb correctly and this did the trick! Tongue

When the P4F Tutorial comes out, mind changing the pics to P4F, for the people who have never played BF2 and it might be confusing for them. But anyway very nice guide! 9/10 (-1 for BF2 Pics)

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Offline iknow^^ 
whats a angel?
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Offline SilverPaladin 
As we all know, we'd rather not have jet pilots training in combat maneuvers during a live scenario, nor do we want chopper pilots wiping out our apaches or grabbing the first transport chopper to train with...

Hence, he recommended the use of the BF2 demo for pilot practice. As you train in the demo, he's showing us the pics we'll see in the demo, not the "live" environment...

While I got my main training (made it where I could fly more than crash) during an extended pre-game, it's getting harder and harder to find one of those on oman with the influx of CB people and soon the OB people.

Silver Paladin
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Offline St0mpy 
dont worry when we get the server browser i expect well be able to find empty server

and v good guide +rep
03-04-2011, 11:50 AM | Post: #20
Offline Sophos 
I really wish BFP4F was as good as BF2. Absolutely loved that game and I flew almost all the time. I was friends with CanadianZen and we were planning on doing a video tutorial but then EA went and screwed the game's air power up with that god awful patch.


I hope this game shapes up to be as good as BF2 was. Right now all it is, is Pay2Win.

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