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I have not the best internet, and i cant play the game good, because all is lagging.
other games i can play without any lag, with 32 players too.
what needs all the bandwidth?

it is possible to include some options to adjust the vectors and turn off some?

LG: Static

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Well, I experience tons more lag here than other games using the same internet.

Your not alone.

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player .L1Gh7~ has some nice advices:
[Info - Guide] Some ways to improve your gaming experience

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Sry for doubleposting.
internet make problems
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one part of the problem is the internet, and the second part the game.
the system and the hardware perform their functions perfectly

lags appear again and again
when I'm in the city, where the internet is much better, happen nonetheless lags.

ping: 60

that needs to be revised

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Ping(ms) is just a reference number for how quick your internet sends data, but it doesn't tell you if the line is good or bad.
A ping of 30 could still have lag, if there's a lot of noise or packet loss.

Check your connection at websites such as

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I know what the ping is.

some games can be played with a ping of 100 and no one see any lag
The biggest problem is that makes aiming realy hard.
always if i turn around fast, will this turn be reseted.

this makes no fun
and sometimes i must look in the scope 3 times to keep looking in it

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I played a while using my cellphone internet connection (a bit laggy but it worked) and it needed roughly around 10mb per round.

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Hmm, I have lets say, 5MB down if i'm lucky, and I turn a Minecraft (bukkit) server with battlefield play4free at the same time, and some times I have some lag, but most of the time, its okay.

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