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In the last couple of month I have read more and more threads about people asking which Pistol would be the best choice, so I've deciced to create a guide. I will go trough every pistol, its specific advantages / disadvantages and state my personal feelings about it. The stats Im using can be found at the Battlefield Play4Free comparison tool. If you got anything to criticise feel free to do so - I'd love to read some feedback! You may suggest new content to add at any time.

Last Update [27 Sep 2013]:
*Added the 93r
*Added notes

Recent changes:
*Added the 93r
*Added notes
*fixed links not working
*Corrected a few spelling / grammar mistakes

Table of Content
  • Use Of A Sidearm
  • Pistollist
  • Pics & Prices
  • Personal Recommendations
  • Conclusion

[Image: UseOfASidearm.png]

A sidearm is a supplement to the primary weapon. It is mostly used if the primary weapon is currently out of ammo or need to be reloaded. The only alternatives to Pistols are the knife which is only useful in meele range and the Extra Weapon Slot booster which is quite expensive and requires an additional primary weapon (it does not allow you to carry two pistols!).

Characteristic for Pistols is a very low reload time and a low delay to aim down sight. They usually lack at long range potential but do a good job in close to mid range combat. Their bodyshot multiplier is 0.77, means they deal 23% less damage than shown in the stats when shot at arms, legs or in the chest. When hitting the head the damage is multiplied by the factor 2.5 which is currently the highest one in game.
  • Note: The comparison tool actually shows the pistol damage modifiers wrong. They are still 0.77 for bodyshots and 2.5 for headshots.

[Image: Pistols.png]

M9 stats
As the default Pistol the M9 does quite a good job. Its low damage and base rate of fire is compensated by a low recoil and medium magazine capacity. Not the best Pistol it still does the job as a reasonable sidearm. Some people own the 'Only A Few' version which could be gain by purchasing 2800 or more battlefunds in December 2010.

M1911 stats
The M1911 is known for its high damage and accuracy while having a small magazine size. The recoil is quite high while the damage falloff makes it a very weak pistol at longer range. Upgrading the weapon to Veteran or Elite status improves the magazine size and damage while setting the reload time 0.3 seconds higher. You unlock the basic weapon at level 11, the veteran one at 18 and the elite version at level 22.

MP-443 stats
Unlocked at level 5 the basic MP-443 is your first alternative to the M9 and is similar to the M1911. Its magazine size is very high while the recoil and accuracy are both good. The damage is a bit lower than the M1911 ones for close and medium range. A compareable high damage at long range makes it a good all-round sidearm. The Veteran (unlocked level 16) and Elite (unlocked level 20) version do upgrade the damage and provide one more magazine and a bit higher magazine size at Elite status.

P226 stats
Unlocked at level 8 the P226 is the first Elite Pistol you are able to use. The magazine size is only topped by the Elite MP-443. Additionally the recoil and reload time are best of all primary and secondary weapons. Its only real disadvantages are the low accuracy and slightly below avarage damage.

MP-412 stats
The MP-412, also known as Rex is a revolver that has the highest damage in close range. It does kill with one headshot within a range of about 15 meters. However it has a low magazine size and the lowest rate of fire. Its accuracy is the best out of all pistols while reload time is as high as the one of a primary weapon, making it a good choice as a additional primary for close range combat. You will unlock the weapon at level 14.

Scattergun stats
As a sawed-off shotgun the Scattergun acts like a semi-automatic shotgun with two bullets per magazine. It shoots ten bullets at once at theoretically 300 rounds per minutes but cause of its very high reloading time (more than two times longer than most other pistols) of 5.3 seconds its bullets should be used whisely. Due to its very high damage it is possible to get a one-shot kill at up to 12 meters. It has the highest recoil of all pistols. However the spread of (3) bullets is fairly low, making it quite accurate at short to medium range. Unlike all other pistols it uses the Shotgun damage-multipliers of 1.0 for the body and 2.1 for the head while the ADS speed with 0.2 sec is very low for a secondary weapon. Use it as a finisher, never expect to get multiple kills with this Shotgun-like pistol.

Desert Eagle 50 stats
The Desert Eagle 50 or DEagle is compareable to the MP-412. Is has a bit higher rate of fire and the magazine size is 7 instead of 6. The recoil and accuracy both are the worst out of all pistols and the damage is very high for all ranges. Due to a very long animation it does a bad job when switched to during a fight. It takes 0.8 seconds to shoot with when switched to (this includes any action except reloading) so I recommend using it as a secondary primary weapon, i.e. combined with Sniper Rifles. It is unlocked at level 24.

93r stats
The 93r is quite an unique weapon since it is the only burst-fire pistol. Shooting three bullets per click with about the same click-speed as the M1911 or MP-441 and a compareable damage it's damage output is in theory about three times as high. However the horizontal recoil is is higher than at any pistol but the Desert Eagle and the MP-412, making it hard to control. If you are able to control the recoil and aim for the head you can theoretically kill someone in one burst, usually it should take two or three. It has the largest magazine size out of all pistols, thought you are going to use every bullet.
Keep in mind that this pistol is only availiable as a top-up gift when purchasing funds, therefore it is not possible to test it. I suggest playing with other pistols first and maybe watching a couple of reviews.

  • Note: The Scattergun is not taken into account when talking about "pistols" in general since it fits better into the Shotgun category.

[Image: PicsPrices.png]

There are currently three different price levels for Pistols in Battlefield:Play4Free with two exceptions, the Scattergun and the Desert Eagle 50. The unlock price is different for each weapon and does not change if you get closer to the required level. For example, you need to pay 16.869 funds to get the Elite MP-443 when you are level 1. If you've reached level 19, it is still the same. So for pistols it is usually not worth to pay the unlock price, you'd better wait until the required level.

Weapon Lasts 1 Day (credits) Lasts 1 Day (funds) Lasts Forever (funds) Unlock Prize (funds)
M1911 400 59 999 3.499
Veteran M1911 750 89 1.869 8.399
Elite M1911 1.500 149 3.749 20.619
MP-443 400 59 999 1.999
Veteran MP-443 750 89 1.869 8.399
Elite MP-443 1.500 149 3.749 16.869
P226 1.500 149 3.749 9.369
MP-4112 1.500 149 3.749 12.999
Scattergun - - 3.999 18.999
Desert Eagle 50 - 499 3.999 18.999
93r - - - -

To see a picture of the pistol you can either go ingame or click at the links below. If you need the .png or .psd of one of the pistols just message me, Ive got them with a transparent background (i.e. for using in a signature).

M1911 // Veteran M1911 // Elite M1911
MP-443 // Veteran MP-443 // Elite MP-443
Desert Eagle 50

[Image: PersonalRecommendations.png]

I'd like to remind you that the following content is my opinion and my opinion only. Ive came to those conclusions after hundreds of hours of gameplay and getting into the stats of every pistol, but there still may be other feelings. Before you buy any Pistol I'd recommend you to test it with credits first, if possible all three versions of the pistol.

When choosing your pistol you'd first need to differ two different types. The first one comes very close to the original meaning of a pistol: you use it as a sidearm when out of ammo or reloading. I've already mentioned it, pistols may also work as a good primary weapon in a limited amount of combat situations. It mostly affects Recon's, but let me explain it further. As a Assault or Medic you've got a lot of ammunition. Medics got big magazines and Assault have got their Ammo Boxes providing them an unlimited amount, so playing with two primary weapons is not necessary. Engineers and Recons will both face problems with their ammo quite fast, so it is useful to carry a sidearm that may keep up with a primary one.

Since Recons usually use a Sniper Rifle they're excellent at medium to long range combat. If you dont want to carry a shotgun with you, it is to the enemy to get a kill if he appears ten meters away. Thanks to strong close range Pistols you can face him. For a Recon I'd buy the Deagle or MP-412 since both do a great job when close to an enemy. The MP-412 for more passive gameplay and the Deagle for an aggressive one because it does take time to switch to the Deagle, means you've got the disadvantage if something unexpected happens. Running around the corner with the Desert Eagle 50 in your hands will provide you a fair fight when facing an enemy.

When playing the Engineer class you usually run out of ammo after a few kills. Switching to a trustworthy secondary weapon until you've found a ammo box is always better than trying to make your way with the tracer and knife only. I'd recommend using the MP-443 or P226 in this case. If you are playing with a weapon that turns useless once shot at 30 (+) meters, i.e. the Uzi or MP7, you should consider taking a good Pistol for longer ranges which would be the MP-443.

For Assaults and Medics you usually need a sidearm only, so I'd recomment buying the M1911. It does a great job when finishing enemys especially in close range. The good accuracy will make you able to aim for the head and dealing up to 65 (normal) / 75 (vet) / 85 (elite) damage per shot.

If you use a shotgun as the only primary weapon I would take the MP-443 or if you already own it the P226. Both do a good job at ranges you are useless while holding a shotgun and got enough ammunition to spam the left mouse button.

If you receive the 93r as a gift when purchasing funds I would personally use it similar to the M1911, maybe activate it for a soldier that already owns a pistol - just in case you do not feel confortable using it. Not having a reliable sidearm is a huge disadvantage and a lot of people can not get used to burst weapons.

The Scattergun does not fit into any reliable setup, you may use it for fun (Scattergun / Knife only rounds) or as a replacement for the MP-412 / Desert Eagle. But since it does not provide anything that other pistols couldn't do it should not be the first and only pistol you'll buy.

[Image: Conclusion.png]

I personally love playing with a Pistol and prefer it over buying a second weapon slot. Since the booster excist I never really needed it and always stood a chance when switching to my Pistol - doesnt matter which one I was using. It is not necessary to buy yourself an Elite version, often the default MP-443 or M1911 will do their job. But everyone's different and thank EAsy we are still able to play how we want to. As the last words, I'd like to remember you on what I've already stated above:

"Never, never buy anything just cause others tell you its good. Always rent it with credits, find out its advantages and disadvantages and then decide if you should buy it or not."
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Thanks! So is it "prizes" by mistake or is that on purpose?

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It's not often that I completely agree with a guide, but I have to say you've nailed it.

Excellent overviews of each weapon and great recommendations.

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(05-07-2012 02:45 AM)mono a écrit :  It's not often that I completely agree with a guide, but I have to say you've nailed it.

Excellent overviews of each weapon and great recommendations.

I especially like the mentioning of small, but important details like the better reload time for the basic version of the M1911.

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Coolio! I Heart this guide :3

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(05-07-2012 01:49 AM)stryker: a écrit :  Thanks! So is it "prizes" by mistake or is that on purpose?
Well, now that I read trough it Im sure thats on purpose Angel

Thanks for the good feedback so far, Pictures will be added as soon as I am able to get them fron those annoying game files

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Nice work. I love the formatting.

(05-07-2012 02:01 PM)mooning_cat a écrit :  
(05-07-2012 01:49 AM)stryker: a écrit :  Thanks! So is it "prizes" by mistake or is that on purpose?
Well, now that I read trough it Im sure thats on purpose Angel

Thanks for the good feedback so far, Pictures will be added as soon as I am able to get them fron those annoying game files

You can get them from here.

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(05-07-2012 02:05 PM)ay.j.eng a écrit :  Nice work. I love the formatting.

You can get them from here.

I love you :O OMG, they are saved as .png files. I LUV YA SO MUCH!!!

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Really interesting and useful! Will share this in the social media : )
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Very nice! Good for the new players amongst us!

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nice work dude

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(05-07-2012 02:27 PM)EA_Nenyel a écrit :  Really interesting and useful! Will share this in the social media : )

VitalBullet called me a forum regular and my name is on the official Battlefield:Play4Free Twitter page. Gosh, best day since I was banned in Heroes :3

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That's the best pistol guide we see here Smile . Excellent!

I have an addition : recon class can actually work good with just any pistol. REX is great, but unless you get headshots all the time, it isn't great when facing a lot of enemies in CQC, so MP443, P226, M1911,... come more handy.

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You're in the Facebook too ; )
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Its written there stats and prizes.
that is weird. I think he means, price

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(05-07-2012 01:49 AM)stryker: a écrit :  Thanks! So is it "prizes" by mistake or is that on purpose?
Always get a spelling mistake in my Guides, thats kind of a tradition. Sadly CS5 is a bit bugged atm..

(05-07-2012 03:07 PM)EA_Nenyel a écrit :  You're in the Facebook too ; )
Best day since the first temporary heroes ban*

//Guide Updated
*Changed spelling mistakes, thanks for the feedback!
*Pictures added, will be changed soon™.

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Great guide! Very good for people that don't know what pistol they should use, and it also explains very clearly about the pistols in the game.

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Good. I will refer to this topic when I see newcomers asking which gun they should buy Smile

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Nice guide Smile

Some additions might make it a little bit better:

Screenshots of aiming down sights--- as well as feedback on ADS'ing, for example the MP443 you can shoot too fast and miss headshots unless you aim lower to compensate, the Deagle's sights sway up and down a little so learn where the center is-otherwise you'll aim for the head at 20m+ and miss

Feedback on hipfire--- MP443 has excellent hipfire accuracy-within 10m or so you don't really need to ADS unless you want to aim specifically, whereas Deagle has awful hipfire accuracy unless you fire 1-2shot a second-although you may randomly get headshots

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