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We are a very small group of middle-age guys that like to get together on occasions to have a few drinks, a few laughs and take down a few enemy. We are not a competitive organization and spend quite a bit of time picking on each other. We do not have a particular age requirement and there is not a whole lot of clan "structure" to deal with. We treat all clan members the same.

So...if you have a good sense of humor, are not looking to brag about being the worlds best F.P.S. player and can tolerate moderately offensive language / humor, then stop by our website and drop us a line.

Our clan members currently play:

Americas Army 2.8
Americas Army 3
World Of Tanks
Battlefield Play4Free

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Hors ligne ClockWorks 
Looks like a nice clan, mate. Just signed up for th' website. Hope you accept me!
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Hors ligne madrix999 
i need to get in your clan!!!
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our website:

Hooah !!

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It'll be nice to have the ability to search for clan mates with a server browser. Until then, feel free to stop by our website.

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Hors ligne [L3]De[v] 
How can i put this, Top for my good clan allie.

L3git Tactics is actively recruiting
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Hors ligne [TCP]Soulman-E- 
Now that Battlefield Play4Free has moved into Open Beta, we would like to extend the invitation to all new players to stop by. If you are ready to play with some teamwork then please stop by our site.

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our new recruitment page is ready

+ we have our new teamspeak 3 server READY to talk
so don't hesitate to come and visit us
ALL welcome !! hooah

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Come and Test our clan on our new server
Bookmark URL:

Website + TS3 Server + BFP4F Server = Join us and have Fun !!

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Hors ligne Healin4ev3r 
nice server, but infantry map or atleast Karkand in rotation, please Blush . BTW, free bump!

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Honey Badger
My Steam
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Hors ligne SkywalkerHH 
From which country is your clan?

Clan: Unforgiv3n
Leader in the Clan
To Join our German Clan or other questions write an PM
We are looking for high skilled players!

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Healin4ev3r = nnnaaannn we like to crash helis and planes !!!

SkywalkerHH = We r worldwide clan, majority from USA

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We will certainly take requests for changes in the map rotation for our server. Members will have more say however since they typically are the ones paying.

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