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I don't know how I fly with a heli.
please help!!!UndecidedBlushHuhExclamation
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There are videos on youtube.
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(09-10-2011 10:38 PM)BuckFutter a écrit :  When you're new at flying, lowering the general mouse sensitivity is a good idea to get used to how the helicopter actually controls. When you're more experienced you'll most likely want to increase the sensitivity instead to make the helicopter react faster.

This image explains the general controls of the helicopter:
[Image: PitchYawRollApache-4.png]

Notice that I have my Pitch-factor higher than my "Yaw-factor" (which really should be Roll-factor in my opinion). This is because that makes the game more forgiving on your mouse-movements.

Notice also that I have my sensitivity set rather high but start out with it on a lower setting so that you can practice first.

You should really experiment with the settings yourself until you find one that suits you. You can do this on empty servers until you're confident enough to try it in a live game.

Good luck!

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I think what he mean is, he cant get into it.

You need to spend Training Points to Helli and Jet Skillz, before you can fly.

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