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Thanks GUys U realy help me to share this suggestions but we need more signs !!! KEEP GOING
[Image: maps_12b.jpg]

Location: Wake Island, North Pacific Ocean
Setting: Coastal
Teams: U.S Marine Corps Vs Russian Forces

In a surprise move, forces of the People�s Liberation Army have attacked and captured Wake Island in a bid to threaten United States lines of supply. United States Marine Corps forces have been short-stopped from their deployment in Manchuria to respond to this new threat. The airbase on Wake Island is the lynchpin of the Russian air threat; however, it is highly susceptible to ground attack from either the northern or southern approaches of the island.

I am suggesting that Wake Island be added to Battlefield Play4Free. As you may know, Wake Island was featured in Battlefield 2 and 3 . Plus, it just happens that in Battlefield 3 And Battlefield 2, it is the United States Marine Corps versus the Russian Ground Forces.

Have a look at this picture of the map i'v just modify it now

[Image: 830371wake2.jpg]

As you see there is only 4 bases not 5 and 6 in Bf 2 and 3

A: Beach

-What was once a sandy beach with a concrete bunker is now a loading dock used to unload cargo from transport ships. While the Beach (D) supplies no vehicles for either team, it’s still a critical control point that serves as a great staging area for infantry attacks on the nearby Airfield ©. Because it is often neglected by defenders, the US team should try to steal this flag early in the match. Consider rushing it with the UH-60 BlackHawk or Boats. There are no ladders or ramps on the sides of the loading dock, so amphibious attackers must land their vehicles along the shoreline to the east or west. The flag is located in the center of the loading dock, surrounded by a variety of crates and shipping containers. These objects provide some decent cover for those capturing or contesting the flag, but defenders are better off watching this flag from a distance. The hill to the west of the loading dock offers a great view of the entire dock as well as the shorelines. If you’re tasked with defending this location, get on this hill and pick off attackers as they rush toward the flag.

B: North Base

- Construction is still under way at the North Base (B) at the start of this battle. The flag is surrounded by five partially complete concrete structures. Given the flag’s wide capture radius, this control point can be captured or contested from within most of these structures, giving both attacking and defending infantry plenty of places to hide. When it comes to defending this flag, engineers armed with mines and rocket launchers are very effective. Vehicles rushing through the center of the control point are easy prey for mines, so be very careful when driving a DPV or FAV Buggy through here. Consider parking on the perimeter and moving toward the flag on foot because the muddy terrain makes it difficult to spot mines, particularly when traveling at high speed. While most attacks come along the road to the east and west, US attackers may attempt amphibious assaults using their Boats and LAV-25s. So when defending here as the RU team, be sure to monitor traffic in the bay as well as along the southern shore. As usual, take measures to avoid getting picked off by snipers posted on the opposite side of the island near the Beach (D) or South Base ©.

C: South Base

-In terms of assets, the South Base (E) is the mirror image of the North Village (A); it supplies both teams with a tank and a light vehicle. Also like the North Village (A), this control point is likely to come under attack early in the match. Therefore RU defenders should spawn and prepare for amphibious and air attacks. Construction is still under way here, with three partially built concrete structures lining the northern shoreline. The flag is located in the center of the muddy road cutting through this control point, which makes it easy for vehicles to capture. But infantry can also capture and contest this point by hiding in one of the nearby structures. To guard against vehicle attacks, defenders should heavily mine the area around the flag as well as the road to the west. This is a great way to score some easy kills against troops in fast-moving DPVs and FAV Buggies. Recon troops spawning here can also assist in efforts to take control of the North Village (A) and North Base (B) across the bay. Using a sniper rifle, take aim across the bay and pick off opponents at long range. But stay low and find some good concealment. Remember, if you can see the enemy, they can see you. So don’t be surprised if sniper duels break out between these three distant control points.

D: North Village

-The North Village (D) is likely to come under attack first due to its close proximity to the US deployment area. Therefore, RU defenders must spawn here in significant numbers to hold back the attackers. Expect attackers to approach from the bay in Boatss, so monitor the eastern approach. While ground vehicle attacks are unlikely during the opening moments of the battle, defenders must eventually prepare for enemies crossing the bridge to the west. Mining the bridge is an effective way to stop vehicle attacks originating from the North Base (B) and beyond. The concrete structures on the north shore are great hiding spots for troops capturing or contesting the flag. Recon troops posted here can spot and engage opponents at the South Base © control point across the bay. This is a great way to score some long-range kills. But opponents at the South Base © may also be scanning for targets from their side of the island. Always keep a solid piece of cover between yourself and potential snipers at the South Base ©.


U.S. vehicles:

-AH-64 Apache Attack Heli
-2 F35 Aircraft
-M1A2 Abrams tank
-2 Hummve's
-2 FAV Buggy
-6 Boats

RUS. vehicles:

-Mil MI-28 Attack Heli
-2 Mig-29 Aircraft
-T-90 tank
-2 GAZ-3937 Vodnik's
-2 DVP's
Same number of the vehicles would be wanted so the game is fair
[Image: Wake-Island-Battlefield-1942-570x299.jpg]

[Image: Wake-Island-Battlefield-1943-570x299.jpg]

[Image: Wake-Island-Battlefield-2.jpg]

[Image: attachment.php?;amp;c=1]

This is the trailer of battlefield 3 wake island

I hope we will enjoy playing this map in battlefield play 4 free
So please sign !!!
Signs (please remember to /sign if you want this):
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Add this signature to get more attention and signs

We Want More Signs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO Let Easy Studio Know We Want Wake Island
And We Love It And Remember it Was In Battlefield 2,Battlefield 3,Battlefield heroes,Battlefield 1942 and Soon It Will Be In BATTLEFIELD Play 4 Free So Sign Now Soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank u Very Much guys for the 568 sign !!!!!!

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I'd Love to play in this cool map

[Image: 856647wakeislandsign.jpg]
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sign Smile

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/sign but it has been suggested before
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hey you can use my info since my thread is not so famous, but its pretty good check it out and modify your thread if you want just copy the text that says about flags

Warning!!! - there are 5 flags in my thread
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Just 13 Sign !!!!?????
We want The maximum number of signs soldiers

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I dont realy like this map.. so i wont

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