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18-12-2010, 05:15 PM | Message : #181
Hors ligne YourAverageJoe 
Well, I started the game up yesterday and here's my $0.02:

Installation took a bit long, mostly because I had no way of knowing if I'd somehow lost connection when downloading one of the bigger files. If you guys could put in some more features into the updater like pausing download, size display and speed display, it'd be much appreciated. Wink

Before heading out, I customised my loadout a bit and came up with a setup that let me equip the knife, secondary, primary and helper box fast and easily. However, once in-game, the game kept equipping my secondary, which I'd put into the "2" slot, instead of my primary, which was on "3" (had to fit the knife in there somehow Big Grin )

I'm in Iceland, which means hitting a nice server is easier said than done in a closed beta such as this one. I missed a connection twice but managed to get a server on the third try. It was, however, quite a bit laggy. I'm guessing my ping was in the 100-200 range, though I couldn't find out directly and nobody could answer when I asked where the ping display was. Though, I'm guessing this is a problem that'll fix itself when the game goes open or gold.

I'm a medic and upon testing my kit I hit a few points of interests: The MG3 still sounds beefy, but not as much as in BFBC2 which was disappointing but given that you might have to buy other weapons, I can see how you'd want to keep the beefier-still sounds to weapons players need to buy.

The animation where you pull the MG3 up to your shoulder It feels lazy rather than tough. Try to make the MG3 feel heavier, it's a big gun and should feel heavy.

The key for your medicine box makes you drop one right away, rather than equip it for later throwing. It takes a bit of getting used to after BFBC2, but I don't see it as good or bad, but I think adding an option to choose between the two setups would be appreciated by a few who went over from BFBC2.

The tracer dart gun now has iron-sights, which is surprising but like the medicine box, I feel it's an unnecesary change from the zoomed-in view. Firing it, at least to me, lacked response. I didn't see where it went and there was no indication of whether it had reached its target or not and I'm pretty sure it did (almost point-blank range on a tank.)

I'm liking most of the UI though, and I like the addition of an actual health counter, though I feel there's a way to make it more dynamic somehow (like the expanding cross in TF2). The decision of making the ability to know where a bullet came from an unlockable skill, though, I must say I doubt the merits of it.

Medbro - YourAverageJoe
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Hors ligne Jasp3r 
First Impression?
How can people f*** up a game this badly.
First fail: You have to enter the game from a (non-chrome) browser.
Second fail: The game doesn't start up in fullscreen, and when it IS fullscreen, you get a flashing triangle on a black screen for 10 seconds, then the client starts up and your mouse is gone.
Third fail: In the 30 times I tried, I have NEVER joined a game. Or I got Error 2 or I was Disconnected from the server, or the server was Full.

I know this is a Beta, but when you start the closed Beta of the game, you can at least make it start???
18-12-2010, 06:03 PM | Message : #183
Hors ligne Flashheart 
I'd say the weapons are a bit too accurate. I would actually like this to be like Battlefield 2, only without the overpowered helicopters and with the current class system.
I like how balanced tank-antitank combat is. I would have liked if it was possible to lie down, while shooting, but I guess that it's absence is a necessary anti-camping measure.
18-12-2010, 06:10 PM | Message : #184
Hors ligne Novyx 
So far, I see promise, but I am a bit worried. Because of the lack of class switching in-match, if you get an unbalanced team, you're basically out of luck. This leads to me not wanting to use anything but engineer, because no other class has any effective vehicle defense. The way I see it, BFH worked because every class had some way to deal with every threat, even if some were better than others at a particular task. Here, it's structured like BC2, but BC2 worked because you had access to all classes at all times. Additionally, recon only having a bolt action rifle leads to a lot of matches with tons of snipers that do nothing to help the team. I'm figuring there is a solution there in the works, but it doesn't address the larger fundemental issue of seperate leveling for each class and no switching mid-match. Mechanically, it's definitely the most solid F2P style realistic(ish) shooter I've tried, so I hope it will catch up conceptually.

Also, don't you hate signatures that you think are part of a post at first glance?
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Hors ligne [RPx]x8xid 
Another Thought after playing some more today. Please take a look at the game "Combat Arms" from Nexon. Before I get flamed... the game itself is not complete garbage, it's the community that sucks. It's also a completely different type of game - but what I want you to pay attention to is the server interface, friends interface, and clan support. I really like that the ranked servers only allow ranks x - y into each one which helps even out the skill levels a bit. The in-game concept should be moving forward, but you should lean more to the direction of BF2 rather than the BFBC2 Model.
18-12-2010, 06:38 PM | Message : #186
Hors ligne Luk42 
I become my key yesterday and i Think it is a very nice game, but before i can play ist i must seach about 5 hours for walkouts, because of this many bugs.

In my first match i have very much fun and i love that you don t make a shooter like CoD. It is a true BF, but the damage of all weapons is too low- it is no BF Heros- i think if i shoot someone withe a M24 in the heart or in the lugs, he will be die. And please enable this smoke when someone shoot with a sniper - it is no BF Heros.

All in all i love this game, but please make the damage from the weapons higher like in BF1942.
18-12-2010, 06:56 PM | Message : #187
Hors ligne TheSoldier 
Last night, I thought it was pretty good. Today, since apparently, on yet another EA beta, too many random Europeans with 5 dollar computers are attempting to get into a US beta, rather than wait for their own. On bc2, many even admitted it. I don't have anything against Europeans, but when the game lags so bad you do a 360 whenever you try to move, its too much. If we could, add more than one server so we don't lag so bad.
18-12-2010, 07:52 PM | Message : #188
Hors ligne InForTheKill 
(18-12-2010 06:56 PM)Squall998 a écrit :  too many random Europeans with 5 dollar computers are attempting to get into a US beta, rather than wait for their own

What an idiot.
18-12-2010, 07:53 PM | Message : #189
Hors ligne Trentest 
My findings:

-Several glitchy moments where enemy avatars will appear to stick their arms out
-Camera glitch when in Vodnik/Humvee that causes the drivers vision to shake from side to side when turning.
-TOW missile turrets sometimes fail to fire and reload a second time
-Sometimes your character will yell several requests for a medic or ammo when you didnt press anything. This also prevents you from using the command menu.
-Grenade FX sometimes do not occur.
-Grenades sometimes freeze and do not explode.

-A BF2 style 'spawn' screen where classes can be picked IN GAME. I feel this is the most important thing.
-An overhead map

Thats all from an hour of gameplay. Best of wishes DICE!
18-12-2010, 07:55 PM | Message : #190
Hors ligne Trentest 
(18-12-2010 07:52 PM)Angelus01 a écrit :  
(18-12-2010 06:56 PM)Squall998 a écrit :  too many random Europeans with 5 dollar computers are attempting to get into a US beta, rather than wait for their own

What an idiot.

Quoted for truth. What a total idiot.
18-12-2010, 08:58 PM | Message : #191
Hors ligne InvasiveEmperor 
i kinda like the feeling that maybe you can add unlockable weapons when progressing the ranks (like in bad company 2), or make to where that you dont have to use real life money just for weapons that we possibly dont even need. Dont get me wrong the game is way fun than i thought it would be, but im way used to bad company2 right now, just saying.
18-12-2010, 09:21 PM | Message : #192
Hors ligne mr.niceguy 
18-12-2010, 10:44 PM | Message : #193
Hors ligne delta78 
Hmm well the game is a copy of bf2 but with mixed bc2 and bf2 gameplays. And i think that its quaite good , although there are no squads, no changing classes in game and some athers vital assets which made the ather bfs special.
18-12-2010, 10:45 PM | Message : #194
Hors ligne totallyzero 
my first impreesin was a it was ging to be like battlefeild :hroes or callof duty i was wrong it is much better than battlefeildheroes. i picked a medic as my first class how do i change it?
18-12-2010, 11:07 PM | Message : #195
Hors ligne cherubidim123 
Nice game Smile It would been nice if we could host our own server for clans. Eh guess we have to rent servers and live with them. Way better than bfh, but i still play bfh. Nice work.
18-12-2010, 11:08 PM | Message : #196
Hors ligne SNaFU169 
I haven't had time to read all the posts, but how can this be a "Beta", it looks pretty much the same as Battlefield 2 ? I don't get it? I mean I recognized the Map immediately.
18-12-2010, 11:44 PM | Message : #197
Hors ligne CleanandPress 
The gameplay is quick and fun, combat isn't the most realistic on account of the massive recoil on the weapons but this is a game not a simulation, the classes are well diversified and each class does have a real "stand out" skill, the interface is simple and easy to use (would be 1000 times simpler if I could see my mouse pointer in full screen but that's of course temporary), the skill sets provide more engaging rpg play than the unlockable "perks" and "weapon gadgets" in other shooters and the damage meters when you shoot someone are a nice addition but I wish they were more distinguished from the experience #'s. At first glance I'd see this game as a great way to spend that 30-45 minutes at the end of the day between other activities.
18-12-2010, 11:57 PM | Message : #198
Hors ligne Selassie 
(18-12-2010 07:52 PM)Angelus01 a écrit :  
(18-12-2010 06:56 PM)Squall998 a écrit :  too many random Europeans with 5 dollar computers are attempting to get into a US beta, rather than wait for their own

What an idiot.

Yeah, ignore him. Funny 12 year old.
19-12-2010, 12:01 AM | Message : #199
Hors ligne bobnl 
it has the battelfield feeling an that's a good thing
19-12-2010, 12:29 AM | Message : #200
Hors ligne Mouser7.62 
(18-12-2010 07:08 AM)MechaStatham a écrit :  God, there are some spoilt brats posting here. Please people, go off, look up the definitions of 'browser-based' and 'Beta', and come back if/when you get it. Otherwise, you're just bloating the thread with aimless mewling.

Anyway, started playing today and really liking it so far. Apart from the lag, it gives a convincing Battlefield game which is cool to have running from a browser. Reckon it's got heaps of potential and will definitely be playing beyond release.

A couple of things though: Have to repeat what a few others have said about the need for a friends list and squad system. Also, it'd be nice to have a clearer visual representation of who's calling out for ammo/medicine. An actual spot button would be handy as well, just to make it more intuitive for people coming in off BC2.

Other than that, great stuff. Enjoying the hell out of it!
:dodgy:Um spoiled? laughing learn to spell first before you flame someone who has been with this era of gaming since 1998.. another thing is Yes its Beta and Yes its F2P but that does not make it worthy of a good review and my Impressions for me are right on... learn to beta test and actually help the games become great like BF2 , BFBC2 , Black ops, and soon to be Diablo 3 and BF3 etc.

when,If you earn your wings..that is

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