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Hors ligne Echo 
Hello, Since the update (Wipe), I need a new signature.
I've posted on siggy threads but hard to get a reply.
Seeming I'm having trouble getting (Or other programs which will help) I need someone else to make me one if that's alright with you.

Characters : Echo and ScarFace
Classes : Recon (Echo) and Assualt (ScarFace).
Details on sig : Make it dark (Not bright) with my name(s) on and maybe classes with a quote something along the lines of skill (One shot is all it takes, Shoot and Move, etc.)


Any more questions? PM or Write below Wink Thanks for your help.

Signature removed

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Max. size for the full signature can not exceed 250 pixels in height and/or 900 pixels in width. This includes images, text, quotes and links. Maximum combined size may not exceed 500KB. Please read the FORUM RULES before posting a new one.

If it wasn't a headshot... You need to improve.
Shoot and Move.
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Hors ligne Harzach 
This should be in Players Helping Players...


[Image: harzachatar-2-2.gif]
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Hors ligne spartanabc 
post in offtopic where we rate sigs for sure some1 will make you one

[Image: F6ZuQ.png]

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