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17-09-2012, 09:55 PM | Post: #1
Offline MarcoPalo 
I'm always a problem of disconnection when I play on most servers.
From time to time I can play normally.
Do you have problem also?

j'ai tout le temps un problème de déconnexion quand je joue sur la plupart des servers.
de temps en temps je peux jouer normalement.
Avez-vous aussi se problème ?)

Le temps viendra où vous croirez que tout est fini. C'est alors que tout commencera.
17-09-2012, 10:09 PM | Post: #2
Offline Thefabiocool 
"There is a problem with your connection" - Oh really? Don't tell me, like seeing everyone teletransporting from place to place isn't allready a pretty noticable thing..

And yes i have it every single day, when i check my Internet it's just fine.

17-09-2012, 10:27 PM | Post: #3
Offline Prte 
Search for that problem in a search option. you have thousand solutions for your problem and it seems some of them helped a lot of people. i tried all of the solutions i could find here and none of them helped. so sometimes the game is very unplayable because of constant disconnecting and sometimes its all ok with disconnecting just here and there.
i wish you all the best for solving this problem Smile

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