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[Image: devsets_jtiger01_en.jpg]

Listen up Soldiers,

Senior Animator, Juan "jtiger01" Tigreros has put together his top of the line gear for the recon class that provides some of the best long range capabilities around, with a mean backup for the close and personal encounters.

With the reliable L96A1 as the primary you get a tried and trusted sniper rifle that is truly a masterpiece of engineering for both long range snipers and scout/assault recons with deadly accuracy. Combined with the Stabilized Stock, Predator Barrel, Viper Mags and a Ballistic Scope with multiple zoom levels you will be a force to be reckoned with at range.

For those with a Dual Primary booster or if you just like to switch up playstyles now and then this bundle also comes with a Saiga-12 shotgun for some of the best CQC (Close Quarters Combat) power you can buy. This semi automatic shotgun will give anyone in your immediate vicinity a REALLY bad day.

And of course, no dev kit would be complete without a full set of apparel so to look the part on the battlefield this bundle also comes with the Ambush Jungle Fighter Boonie, Ambush Jungle Fighter Facepaint, Desert Battle Recon Uniform, Elite Assault Combat Holster and the Alpha SP Belt

Gear up today and dominate your enemy.

Ex-Community Manager

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