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As you know the Famas was released to day.. and we've already have people complain and requesting a nerf? Some of the same people who own the mg36 and Mp5... I think its gonna be fine now... assaults actually will have a chance in gun fights with those weapons.. For all the noobs crying about this weapon need to know.. the QBB AS-VAL are both coming out soon and if the SKS is as good as it is in bf3 all classes will have a "OP" gun.. so don't complain that this gun is op just because u cant purchase it..(do some sponser pay... what I did) because most of y'all didnt do this much complainin with the mg36 and mp5...

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Crying for FAMAS to be released,now they are crying cuz it's OP.

You will never make BFP4F happy with new guns.

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AEK never left me feeling underpowered or defenseless. FAMAS sure does promise some insane performance, but let's give it a few days and see how it actually fares against others.

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i haven't tried it myself, but from what I've seen, it doesn't seem that op. a lot of people are trying it, so people will get killed by it a lot, but I've been killed probably 2 times and other AR's much more out of the maybe 5-6 games I've played today. it seems like it is only good as a close combat weapon.

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Offline cerinth
lol, thats the p4f community for you. 90,5% mentally challenged little kids. they cry about everything.

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