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[Image: Territorial-Outfit_en.jpg]

Listen up Soldiers!

We recently got in a new shipment of gear from our territory contacts for those who are battling it out on the battlefield to show their support and pride for their nation be that fighting for either side as a mercenary or simple just dishing out the pain to those they are not all too fond of.

Grab your uniform today and wear your colours proudly as you wreak havoc amidst the fight.

Available Uniforms

German Kommando Veteran Outfit

US Marine Veteran Outfit

Polish Special Forces Veteran Outfit

French Legionary Veteran Outfit

Russian Spetsnaz Veteran Outfit
Brazilian SpecOps Veteran Outfit

Belgian Para Veteran Outfit

British Special Forces Veteran Outfit

Italian Alpini Veteran Outfit

Swedish Ranger Veteran Outfit

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