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[Image: BFP4F-F-Sale_120727_en.jpg]

Listen up Soldiers!

It's time for another Fund sale and although the weather outside is hotter than ever, the battlefield still needs you, and to help you out we are holding a weekend fund sale, where you can make some great savings.

The weekend sale is from Friday 27th July, 8:00 UTC until Monday 30th July 08:00 UTC where you can pick up some bonus Play4Free Funds as follows:

Original Amount:Bonus:Total:

4000 FundsNo Bonus4000 Funds
5000 Funds5% Bonus5250 Funds
12000 Funds10% Bonus13200 Funds
15000 Funds15% Bonus17250 Funds
21000 Funds20% Bonus25200 Funds
50000 Funds25% Bonus62500 Funds

* The SMS payment option is excluded from this offer.
** SponsorPay offers are also excluded from this offer.

Get your Funds HERE!

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