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Hello there soldiers!
Today I wanted to help you guys make an animated signature with GIMP. So let's get straight to it!

#1. Open GIMP and make a new image. Make sure it is 250 pixels in height and 900 in width.

#2. Fill the background with any color you like, decorate it with some brushes, etc.

#3. Add your first text. Type anything you want by clicking the ''T'' tool in the toolbox. Position it where you want.

#4. Add a second box of text with whatever you want. Position it where you want. ***Positioning ontop on the previous text is highly recommended.***

#5. Go to Filters>Animation>Blend. This should open up a box. In that box, next to Intermediate Frames put any number you want. *10-50 is recommended* I used 45 for my signature. Under Intermediate Frames it should say Max. Blur Radius.. put 3 there, that is what I used. Make sure looped is checked. Click 'OK' and it should load for 10-20 seconds before opening up a window.

#6. On the new window click Filters>Animation>Playback. and a third window should pop up playing your new sig.

#7. If you like it then close the playback window and go to the second window that popped up then go to File>Export>enterthefilename.gif. *Remember to save as a .gif . If you don't like it, close the second window then on the first window and click Filters>Animation>Blend. Now change the Intermediate Frames till you like it and follow the steps again to preview your animated sig.

#8. To upload go to imageshack or photobucket.com and upload it there. Copy the animated image URL by right clicking on it.

#9. Now go to the BF:P4F's Forum. Click on (User CP) and go to Change Signature. Click on the insert image button and paste the link. Now highlite everything and click on the align text to center button.

#10. Click Preview Signature to see your new Signature!

Any questions/comments/concerns please inform me. As always it's been a pleasure helping you guys.


Over and out..

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Offline Tobias 
If the video is coming soon, then why bother posting the thread already?!

[Image: photo-283473.gif?_r=1369849301]

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