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Lets do a little competition of 8 days il anounce the winner on the 22st or 23 st of July
use 1 wallpaper of bf p4f or make a cool walpaper for Bf p4f and put a hot and sexy girl in it
begin good luck xD xD XD xD xD Big Grin
the winner pic will be in mah LOL videos and il make a lot LOL videos Big Grin dont put any names in the pic
can you do it brahs?
the ones participating in this fun chalenge first put a chalenge acepted picture in this thread and when u make the pic PM me the link
good luck Big Grin
and It cant be anthing from bf3 it must be bfp4f 100% the girls must be hot and there are bf 3 walaper with hot girls i gues u can use those girls 2
and make the girl like fit in the pic NOT LIKE a blue alien chick in a red backround xD

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You Wont
Regret It
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