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Game Changes:
• New languages: Game has been localized to German, Russian, French and Polish!
• Bug fix: The M145 scope will now longer disappear when scoping a QJY-88 LMG.

Website Changes:
• New languages: Web and front-end has been localized to German, Russian, French and Polish!
• New design: Web header has been redesigned and a new font applied to the entire site.
• New design: New front-end design with a new font applied and new button
• New feature: Language selector and the Play4Free toolbar (will activate a day after release) and in the footer.
• Updated feature: The Daily Draw will now activate at 06:00 UTC.
• Bug fix: Front-end client will lag less when moved by mouse.

Known issues:
• Installation dialogue in the updater during Punkbuster install is too long.
• When sending a message in-game to <TEAM> this English phrase will be used no matter of localized language.

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