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Offline ObiJeffKenobi 
Warrior United is an all around Gaming Community. We strive to have as much fun as possible. We do have rules that members must fallow in order to stay in the Clan. We are a social gaming clan. What that means is that we have some players that are competitive and some that are not. We have many clan members from different parts of the world. We are also on Xbox 360 PC and PS3. Here is a list of requirements in order to join us. Also we have been around since 2004.

Must be 16+.
Must have a Mic or Headset.
Be able to check Clan forums and Log into Vent Server.
Must register on our main website ( http://warriorunited.webs.com )
Once you have signed up on the forums in our application area a member of the clan staff will set up your forum profile and then you may find our Vent info to come and join us. I will be looking forward to meeting every new clan member that would love to join us. Catch you on the battlefield.

Join us Click the Banner to our website
[Image: warriorbanner3.png]
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02-02-2011, 03:53 PM | Post: #2
Offline TortureNL 
sounds nice mate,, im 16 so where 2 sign?Wink

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