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Hey Guys Im Doing A New Series Called Battlefield Play4Free Top 5 Kills Of The Week which will be featured on Yeousch And My Personal Youtube Channel

My Channel

How Can I Submit My Clips?
- Send Links To Your Clips In A Private Message To My Youtube Channel

How Often Will A New Episode Come Out?
- Every Week A New Episode Will Come Out And You Could Be Featured In It

What Bonuses Do I Get For Sending My Clips In?
- Sending Your Clips In Can Help Gain You Exposure To Your Personal Youtube Channel all people featured in each episode will have links to there channels in the description of the video

When Will The First Episode Be Out?
- As Soon As The First 5 Clips Have Been Sent In

What Requirements Do i Need To Send My Clips In?
- Clips Must Be In 720p HD Minimum
- Must Contain No Copyright Music

So Send Them Clips In And You to Could Be Featured In The Top 5 Kills Of The Week

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