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Offline Ghost2012PL 
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Offline [TBDK]Duzdu 
I am very grateful for doctors on call.. true ''
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Offline refael03 
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Help Players and she help you

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Offline GNR^ 
Some medic tips:

> Best moment to drop a medipack and a respawn flare: when your flag is under attack.
> Before using defribilator on a teammate be sure there are no enemies firing upon you.
> U can drop medipacks from the air if u quickly change places (F4-F5-F6) on the blackhawk heli.
> Medic Light-machineguns can easily destroy an enemy jeep. Shoot the tires.
> Spot enemy APC's and tanks (with "Q" and a click) so your teammates can see them on the map.
> TAG enemy vehicles with ur tracer pistol, MAKE THE TEAMWORK. Enginiers will do the rest.
> When u respawn after u have died, always look for your ally infantery at the map. They need a medic!
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Offline FamousAllBlue 
Don't run in front of your teammates when they're shooting.
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Offline thefighter0106 
THX for this usefull tips!


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Offline [FAP]DinoBunny 
Okay Medics, just because you might have an OP LMG doesn't make you assault and frontline!! Geezers! Tongue

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Offline soldierhunter101 
i dont really kill i just revive and give medic boxes Smile
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Offline parlax 
first one is sooo true !

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Offline vistastructions2 
(18-06-2012 04:58 PM)LongShot11 Wrote:  Jeeps cant fly

LOLOLOLOL!!! Big Grin Smile

Also, drop a medic box whenever you see teammates.

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Offline LongShot11 
When capturing enemy flags, be sure you have backup from another class

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Offline Joe.Tucker 
Need a tip? Ask Smile

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Offline Aaron_Glenn 
real lame.... >.>

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Offline Crusard 
(18-06-2012 04:42 PM)EA_Nenyel Wrote:  And a good one:

"Use your parachute for when you need it or just don't want to get hurt....Remember we don't bounce from 100ft in the Air.... " - 0-x-Ghost-x-0

That's not entirely... accurate.

One day my soldier was very sad and wanted to jump off the bridge in Mashturr, and something... interesting, happened to him Smile

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Offline Crisagon 
About the medic, there are diferent kind of players nd situations. I play with medic and died plenty of times with an assault who thinks he is Rambo and run unprotected to the middle of crossfire, then start to spam Medic, medic, medic, medic...
i always look the call tag on minimap, and now usually answer "roger that", so the injured playesr will see my tag on minimap and can retreat for heals...

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Offline GolNT 
When someone screaming: I need a medic, i try to get to him, but that idiot start running...
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Offline RedBird329 
^^ thats a pretty nice tip dude I'll TRY to remember xD Im more of a lonely player so you wont see me helping out that much Tongue btw i mostly play Engi anyway [ PLEASE TAG PEOPLE]

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click HERE for armored trucks
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Offline shendrick 
Nice tips
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Offline Dagger_14 
(18-06-2012 04:51 PM)Toomas_Medic Wrote:  
(18-06-2012 04:42 PM)EA_Nenyel Wrote:  "Do not run away if you shout ''MEDIC, I NEED A MEDIC'' Medic wont catch you.Smile" - Haahkuli
He wouldn't come anyways. Teamwork lacks in this game.

ha ha good point

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