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Listen up Soldiers!

A new shipment has just been flown in containing a slightly different kind of LMG to accompany the RPK for the run and gun medics that want the "Light" in Light Machine Gun to mean something.

This gun is the M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle). Produced in Germany in 2010 and used in conflicts all over the globe but primarily by the US armed forces, this gun was designed as a replacement for many of the current support LMGs and has undergone rigorous testing to make sure it was up to the task of being a worthy field weapon for US troops.

After knocking out the competition and being accepted by the US forces it started to replace the previously favoured M249 SAW as the default hand out for support troops. However, this came under debate as existing troops were not convinced that a lighter, and more accurate weapon was needed in squad support roles due to it's reduction in suppressive fire.

Being shorter and lighter than the M249 SAW it provides better efficiency closed environments and it's magazine fed rounds provide a faster reload time than belt fed and drum fed LMGs. On top of that due to it's light weight and greatly improved maneuverability it does provide excellent accuracy for an LMG especially while on the move.

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