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Here's a tutorial so that you too can make some awesome camouflages!


-Used with GIMP 2.8. This tutorial may not be applicable to further versions, or for those with extra "packs" added onto it.
-Some of the parts in this tutorial may or may not apply to photoshop users.

Without further ado, lets begin:


First of all, you want to start of with a gun render. These can be found on the P4F Nodester website, Here: http://p4f.nodester.com/images/weapons

For this mini-guide, i'm going to be using the M4-A1 render from Battlefield Play4Free.
[Image: tutorialstep1.png]

Here, I haven't touched any Opacity settings. This here is going to be your Base model - The start, the foundations from which you will work from.

[NOTE: You may find that right-clicking the layer, and clicking "Edit Layer Attributes" helpful - it allows you to rename the layer to whatever you want. Helpful when trying to identify Overlayer, Base, Colour, Render etc.]

Now go to the Layers Tab and right-click.
Select "New Layer".
Keep this new layer the same size as your previous layer.

Now, you're going to select the "Fill" tool. It comes as standard on most software [including paint, but I wouldn't recommend paint for this.]

Fill the new layer with any colour that you like. Here, I'm going to go with an average shade of green; not too dark, not too light.

The reason why I chose the average colour is because I am going to change something in the next step.

[NOTE: You can also use pre-rendered images, such as flames etc. Just copy+Paste it onto the "New Layer". If you do this, do not fill it with colour]

[Image: tutorialstep2.png]

The layer should look like this. Don't worry, your gun hasn't disappeared - it's on the layer below.

Then, you're going to select the "Green" layer, and set it to Dodge.

Dodge can be found in the open tab where it should say "Normal". When clicked, a dropdown menu will appear with many options.
~The best option that I find to use is color dodge, because it balances out contrasts and keeps as much to the original colour and brightness of both layers as possible.~

[Image: tutorialstep3.png]

Choose Dodge.


Whoa! Your gun now looks the same colour[s] as the layer above!

You're probably thinking "Job Done, it looks good, right?"

Well, not exactly. There's still alot of work to do in order to get it looking extremely realistic - even moreso than the base render itself.]
[Image: tutorialstep4.png]

Right-click your base render, and select "Duplicate Layer".

Duplicate layer will replicate the layer, and add it above the layer that you duplicated.

Right now, it just looks the same as with one layer. We'll cover that in the next step...


STEP 2: Making the gun look realistic.

Now that you've duplicated the layer, select the duplicated Base Layer, and do the same that you did with the Camo Colour layer.

Select Dodge. Thanks to the way that these guns are rendered and coloured as a base, the greys are dominated by the shiny whites. And when color dodge is added, it gives a more metallic and shiny look to the gun - the way that it should be if the gun was realistic.
Also, on certain renders [more noticeable on the M4A1, and other guns such as the L96A1] the guns have scratches on them, thanks to the colour difference, they stand out more, giving the guns a more veteran look.

The shinier version here:
[Image: tutorialstep5.png]

[NOTE: If needed, change the opacity of the Dodge Base Layer, to change the "glow" on it. You can also go into the menu of Filters -> Artistic -> "Softglow" -> [Change the glow radius and Brightness to what looks good.
This is only when you want to acutely change the glow on the gun. If you just want a slight bit more glow, just duplicate the dodged base layer, and then change the opacity on the top layer.]

Next, you can click the Camo Colour Layer, and then choose the "Free Select Tool". This can also be found on older versions of PhotoShop [Thanks MeanMachine for confirming this!]

The free-select tool will allow you to choose a certain area, with a few clicks of the mouse. It can also be used to select a less specific area by holding down your mouse, and dragging. If you want to be more precise, use single clicks to "connect the dots", so to speak. It is helpful when selecting a small/specific area.

[Image: tutorialstep6h.png]

Here, i've selected the Barrel of the M4A1, and pressed CTRL-X to cut the layer. [NOTE: You MUST cut it on the Camo Colour layer - not the Base layers. This will remove the barrel completely, and that's what you don't want].

It keeps it the metallic look, and does not keep the camo on it. You can do this, or keep the camo on it. It's up to personal preference, but I feel it looks much more professional to keep the colour of the base barrel, rather than the camo.

[NOTE: You can also do this for other things, such as strap holders [seen on the AUG], iron sights, scopes, magazines and other miscellaneous objects such as firing selectors or charging handles]

If you want, however, you can do something similar to what is described in the next step...


Step 3: Giving it that worn-down, veteran look [Optional, but recommended for a clean finish]

This step is helpful for making sure that the camo you are making looks damn awesome and realistic.
Step 3 is completely optional, but if you aren't willing to do it, that's fine. I just feel it looks much cleaner when you do this step, and it'll take 15 minutes at most, even for an inexperienced GIMP2.8 user.
It's also helpful when mixing two different coloured layers together [Not recommended for the inexperienced, even I'll take ages to do this].


Select around the magazine with the free select tool, like you did with the barrel.
This time, you're going to select the Eraser tool, as highlighted [in black], and then change the "brush" accordingly [highlighted in red].

Then, erase inside the selected area. The cool thing about the select tool is that it will only allow erasing in the selected area.

Make sure to erase on the Green layer, and possibly the "Dodge Base Layer/Base Layer 2/Base 2" In order to make the mag darker. In this example, I just erased the green.

[Image: tutorialstep7.png]

Then, in order to blend it in, you should choose the "Smudge Tool". Make sure that you still have the magazine selected.
Smudge near and around the erased area. This'll blend the camouflage into the magazine colour, giving it a worn-down look. You can do this either at the bottom of the mag, or near the top - its a matter of personal preference.

The mag worn down at the top shows that the magazine camo has been worn down by inserting it into the reciever.
The mag worn down at the bottom shows that its a true veteran's weapon, that the magazine has been handled from the bottom alot.

For this example, I chose to do the Worn down at the Bottom effect.

[Image: tutorialstep8.png]

Next, you can mess around with the colorization and contrast/brightness of small parts. Here, I changed the contrast for the selected area [near the screw on the stock] to slightly brighter.
You can do this for when you want to manually adjust the "shading" or just the color of certain areas.

To change the contrast, go to Colors -> Brightness-Contrast. I don't recommend changing contrast that much. Too much will just grey the area out leaving no colour [and often leaving it looking bland]. Change brightness more if you want it to go that dark.

To colorize the area, go to Colors -> Colorize.
[NOTE: I do not recommend Colorize when using multi-colored camos, like multicolor digital camos. Use Brightness-Contrast for that instead [unless you REALLY want that part to look mostly the same colour.]]
-Options: Changing the Hue will change the actual color of it. There are all colours of the rainbow and inbetween there, so take your pick and find the right balance. Colours that do not "clash" work best. Such as dark green, and darker yellow.
--Changing the saturation will change the actual greyscale/overcolour setting. Pulling the slider left will make the colours less prevalent, and pulling it further right will make the colour more vibrant and brighter.
--Brightness will just change the brightness.

Here, I make the contrast slightly lower, and the brightness down about 15%.

[Image: tutorialstep9.png]


STEP 3[b]:

Next, we're going to give the gun a scratchy, worn down look on the whole Camo. The general idea for this was just a tutorial on a basic camouflage, but then I decided to get technical [>_<"] and make it a Vietnam-themed weapon, where it had a long term of service, a "veteran" gun, if you would.

[Image: tutorialstep10.png]

Right-click the "Base Layer", and select "Alpha to Selection"

---Alpha to Selection selects everything in that image that does not have an opacity lower than 5% [i believe]. Helpful for selecting everything that can be seen.---

Now, with the whole M4A1 [And the shadow] selected, we're going to click the Camouflage Colour Layer, and then select the Eraser tool.

Use the Brush of your choosing [I'd recommend any of the splatter brushes they have, they look awesome when painting on a point, or by dragging.]

[Image: tutorialstep11.png]

[This part is the same as the Erase+Smudge you did on the mag, but on the whole gun this time.]

Proceed to erase the areas that you wish, making sure to keep some of the camo [20% as a bare minimum].
Next, Select the Smudge tool and smudge the areas necessary. Make sure that there are no sharp edges, and that the camouflage blends into the base model. It should look crisp and clean.

That's it for this step. Now your gun is looking DAMN awesome. There's more, if you're willing to add a few things on.


STEP 4: Adding Miscellaneous.


Some gun renders do not come with the base Iron Sights, because they are not attached. This is thanks to the customization feature in-game that prevents the iron sights being on the actual gun render, as they can be replaced by other optics.

So what we're going to do is add a Holographic Sight.

The holographic Sight i'm using is the one from the P4F Nodester website: http://p4f.nodester.com/images/weapons

[Image: tutorialstep12.png]

First, I opened a new page with the Holosight on [From a previously saved file/downloaded file from the Nodester website. It can be found under Attachments.]

Remove the annoying shadow behind the holosight [It'll get in the way of the actual Gun, and it looks unprofessional.] using the free select tool and CTRL-X.

Next, Copy+Paste that holosight using Right-click [on the image] Copy -> -Go to the gun Camo tab- -> Paste.

It'll paste onto the layer that you have currently selected. So, like the Image above, you should right-click "Floating selection (pasted layer)", and select "To New Layer". This'll put it on its own layer.


Move the Holosight/Scope in place, and then select Colors -> Colorize.
Move the saturation all the way down, and adjust the brightness to what you feel looks right, as seen in the picture:

[Image: tutorialstep13.png]

Next, move the Holosight layer to under the Camouflage layer. [if you don't want to keep it grey/silver/blackish] It'll blend it in with the camouflage on the gun, and it'll make it look more professional and personal - like the gun was made for the person.

[NOTE: Scopes look better with dulled-out camouflage, or just black altogether.]

Also, you can use the same technique to shine out the optics as earlier ->

Either duplicate the Optics + Set the above layer to "Dodge" and change opacity accordingly...
You can use Filters -> Artistic -> "Softglow", and changing the brightness and glow radius settings accordingly to make it look right.

[Image: tutorialstep14.png]

Then, right-click "Alpha to Selection" on your Sight/Scope layer.
This will mean anything you do to the Camouflage Layer, stays within the boundaries of the holosight, rather than all over the place [you won't want to ruin your PERFECT camo/scratches on your gun, right? Wink]

[Image: tutorialstep15.png]

Finally, use the Erase + Smudge method you used on your gun camo earlier to finish off the look on the holosight. Changing the size of the Eraser brush will make your scratches smaller and more precise.

You're then finished. Congratulations, you've made an awesome camo! There's only one thing left to do!

Go to File -> Save

Save it with this format: MyFirstCamouflage.xcf

.xcf is the official GIMP2.8 format. I believe Photoshop uses the .psd format.

Then, to be able to upload it to sites such as photobucket, imageshack.us, or imgur.com, do this:

File -> "Export".
Make sure the file is being saved as a .png [The format I find is the best quality, even after uploading]
Do not change any settings like interlacing, just select "Export".

(03-08-2012 06:50 PM)Razorasadsid Wrote:  

Video tutorial for Photoshop! [All credits go to Razorasadsid.]
His YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/iopabc123789

Here is the finished product [Mine]:
[Image: bfp4fcustomcamoarmym4a1.png]

I hope you liked this short guide. I'd love it to help as many people possible, and provide some fun whilst doing it.

Much love,
[Image: muchlovepellets.png]

[Image: Pellets.gif]

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tewitv | Youtube: http://waa.ai/4aGu | FOLLOW ME ON Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/tewi_tv
I am not an official EA representative. Community Moderator, Salamander-san.
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Offline PIZZA 
Cool tut !

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Thank alot man <3

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Great work Pellets!!

It's surely usefull and helping many!

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Stay (sic).
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thx. Big Grin

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Nice Man It Will Sure Help Alot But Is This Method Possible With Pencil Draws I Make ?? I am Still A Newb At Photoshop And I Want Shine To My Images :/

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Offline Tewi. 
(14-06-2012 09:17 PM)HavocPrime Wrote:  Nice Man It Will Sure Help Alot But Is This Method Possible With Pencil Draws I Make ?? I am Still A Newb At Photoshop And I Want Shine To My Images :/

It'll be alot harder with pencil drawings, but you can certainly make your drawings shine by using the Soft-glow Method I talked about above.
You can also use the dodge technique, but I think... *think* it might be harder due to the intricacy in which you'll need to shade.

[Image: Pellets.gif]

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tewitv | Youtube: http://waa.ai/4aGu | FOLLOW ME ON Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/tewi_tv
I am not an official EA representative. Community Moderator, Salamander-san.
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Offline Merlini 
Lol i did the same..separate all the parts then color/camo in.

edit: was just about to ask, why is your gimp different..then i saw Gimp 2.8

-.- i'm still on 2.1
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Lol I use GIMP too Big Grin Just another method.. anyway thanks pellets. Big Grin

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(14-06-2012 09:24 PM)PeIIets Wrote:  
(14-06-2012 09:17 PM)HavocPrime Wrote:  Nice Man It Will Sure Help Alot But Is This Method Possible With Pencil Draws I Make ?? I am Still A Newb At Photoshop And I Want Shine To My Images :/

It'll be alot harder with pencil drawings, but you can certainly make your drawings shine by using the Soft-glow Method I talked about above.
You can also use the dodge technique, but I think... *think* it might be harder due to the intricacy in which you'll need to shade.
Oh Man Sad Bosh'tet Sad

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Thanks man, I'm working on a custom MP7 at the moment and I couldn't have done it without you Big Grin

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Offline raul 
D: Y U use GIMP instead of PS? anyways great tut but you gotta make a thread for ppl to post their masterpieces :3 take the monopoly in your hands!

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AwesomeBig Grin

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[Image: L6kqY.png]

Chopshop M4A1 and M16A2 Smile
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.png  4258.png (Size: 203.83 KB / Downloads: 152)
I made this mp7, not very good, but it's my first try Sleepy

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Merlini, Pellets. Would you mind taking over Diwan's job? Smile

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(15-06-2012 12:17 PM)GameKing Wrote:  Merlini, Pellets. Would you mind taking over Diwan's job? Smile

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(15-06-2012 12:17 PM)GameKing Wrote:  Merlini, Pellets. Would you mind taking over Diwan's job? Smile

Lol, changing a color or adding a texture is not the same as making a texture from the ground up. So I hope your statement doesnt happen Wink

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i am looking for a pic (picture ) maker for the pop of me and not that of those of those of each POP you have enzoI the weapon and a really cool photo that you want to set for my Recon RensDeEerste he has the CAG serpent set, he also has the M24Rens Rutten (NL )
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