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Listen up Soldiers!

On Tuesday the 12th June @ 08:00 UTC we will be performing maintenance on all game and web servers. We expect maintenance to last approximately 30 minutes and in this time the game and website will be unavailable.

Once the website is back up players will be asked to update their games but please take note of possible intermittent connection issues as servers may still be in the process of coming back on line.

Sorry for the inconvenience soldiers and we hope to have you back on the battlefield ASAP.

• New LMG added (Release pending - More details coming soon)
• New SMG added (Release pending - More details coming soon)
• New pistol never before seen in a Battlefield game (Release pending - More details coming soon)
• New attachments stock, barrel and mag attachments added (Release pending - More details coming soon)

Game bug fixes
• Bug fix: If a team mate dies out of the combat zone, he can no longer be revived over and over.
• Bug fix: The zoom animation for the M95 Sniper Rifle with the PSO-1 SVD and Simonov scopes is faulty.
• Bug fix: The PSO-1 SVD and the PSO-1 SIMONOV scopes on the GOL does not appear to be attached to the weapon properly
• Bug fix: In Myanmar, the user has a strange collision with the small water well near capture point "B" and he can remain stuck if he jumps on it.
• Bug fix: Player's left arm will disappear when scoped and firing the F2000.
• Bug fix: The "Jungle Paint job" for the QJY-88 LMG isn't visible in the game.

Web bug fixes
• Bug fix: Removed visible pocket items on unlock event dialog.
• Bug fix: The front-end data for shotguns and pistols have been corrected since the revamp.
• Bug fix: Brought back duration information on the Deals page.
• Bug fix: Internal server error when using "keep me logged in" and requesting url with parenthesis in.

Known shippable issues:
• A second scope appears briefly when the user zooms in and out with the M145 scope attachment on the MG3 LMG.
• The M145 scope on the RPK-74M flickers when zooming in.

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