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[Image: weapon-weekend-vss.jpg]

Listen up Soldiers!

It's time for a weekend weapon sale and up for grabs this weekend is the VSS Vintorez.

The VSS packs a full automatic punch into a compact sniper rifle offering stopping power roughly along the same lines of an Assault rifle with similar usability the VSS Vintorez allows for attachments that the assault rifles do not... larger magnification scopes.

Coming with a PSO style scope as default you get a solid, out of the box experience with this gun and it plays very nice in the hands of aggressive snipers who like to be in the fight and not sat at the back.

Grab it now this weekend before Monday the 11th July @ 09:00 UTC and save 2190 Funds!

Original Price: 4369 Funds

Sale Price: 2179 Funds

*This offer only applies to the unlock price for this weapon

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