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[Image: ballistic_highlight.jpg]

Listen up Soldiers!

The shipments continue to arrive and we are keeping everything in stock, but today we have something new for you in the armory for all of those Recons out there.

Range can be a Recon's best friend, but this can depend heavily on the gear that he takes with him onto the battlefield. Today we make the gear needed to make extreme range an ally by introducing to you the new set of Ballistic Scopes now available across all sniper rifles.

With a Zoom Level of 6 you can extend your reach even further buy getting a better view over the battlefield and a more precise aim on your foes. From these ranges.... they won'r even know what hit them.

Ballistic Range-Ace

Can be purchased straight out of the store.

[Image: PantheraRA.png]

Ballistic Dead-Eye

Only available in the Recon attachment supply drop and the desert skin supply drop.

[Image: PantheraDE.png]

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