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Listen up soldiers, it is absolutely imperative that you read this!

The time has come to put our game servers to the test, to really push them to their limits; here is your chance to earn your beta access like never before.

Our common goal is to reach a PCU of 10K.
What does that mean? It’s quite simple, really. PCU stands for Peak Concurrent Users. Within a certain timeframe we need to have TEN thousand people in-game - at the same time.

Our first attempt at reaching this goal will occur this weekend; to be exact, this coming Saturday, January 15th, from 19:00 - 22:00 CET (13:00 - 16:00 EDT).
Obviously we are hoping everyone will join in and help us reach this goal. However, if we don’t manage to reach our goal this Saturday we’ll have to try more drastic measures next week.

This second attempt would involve disabling game access during the week, only to enable it again during the weekend.
Most definitely not the ideal way of things, but a necessary game plan nonetheless.

We don’t see any reason to worry though; we know you, we’ve seen you in action and we know how you can all rally together to get things done!

If not before, we will see you all on the battlefield this Saturday!

That is all; you are dismissed, soldiers!
If you wish to discuss this further please visit this thread.

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