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Offline WhatTheFrag 
Have you ever thought: "WOW! This gun sucks!", but you couldn't buy a new one? Well, here is my suggestion to add to Battlefield Play4Free:

Picking up guns from other Soldier

It might not be a new idea, but there are very few, if any posts about this.
First of all, this isn't such a big thing, but it would help many players, especially newcomers to the game. Not only would it make it fair for all players, it would make people not get upset about certain things, like getting killed by a person that has bought weapons.

Would solve a lot of camper problems and unfairness between teams.

It would be confusing to try and pick up a gun from a class of a different soldier, which would be impossible because different classes have different guns, not including shotguns.

How it will look
Click here!
I made this fairly quickly. This is not how it will look like.

  1. WhatTheFrag

I don't expect a lot of people to sign, but sign if you want to and feel free to leave suggestions.
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Offline BoomStick. 
Forum has one cool feature as well - search function.

It most likely will never happen. Not in a game, where people pay for their guns. Freeloaders would become proffesional scavangers hunting for others weapons, constantly hoping to get their hands on high level fully upgraded gun without needing to spend a penny.
Not to mention that many players wouldn't like their precious and expensive gun to lie in the open for anyone to use once they get killed.

Bottom line - forget about it. And use search, this was already suggested multiple times.

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