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12-05-2012, 11:33 PM | Post: #1
Offline TREofSTC 
THIS GAME SUCKS the way they have it set up.. i play BF3 on PS3 and have an eagle 13 (lvl 58) so I decided i would give this a try.. for anyone that is thinking of doing the same thing and just having some FUN with a FREE GAME since u already OWN BF3 and have NO INTENTION of putting ANY money into a FREE game.. DONT PLAY IT

you only get 50 credits for winning, and what 30 for losing a match? As assault the gun they start u out with that you OWN SUCKS BALLS.. i mean its HORRIBLE.. so i unlocked the AEK u can pay 300 credits to RENT the gun for a day.. thats FINE and dandy.. but u CAN NOT add any customization to the GUN unless you OWN it.. and in order to OWN the gun, its pretty much $25 to buy the gun, or over 120,000 credits.. u know how many matches u would have to play to get that many credits?

you DO NOT get any extra credits for your KILLS or doing anything on the battlefield.. only WINNING or LOSING.. and if there IS any other way.. its only like 2 credits for certain things

I think i am done with this game.. and that is SAD cause its pretty fun.. I am NOT putting any money into this game since I already PAID FOR and OWN BF3 which is a thousand times better than this.. and if u dont put any money into this game.. u might as well give it up

THIS IS MY OPINION and yours might be different.. if I am missing something here.. PLZ let me know.. but not being able to put a damn scope on a gun that I rent is mentally slower than "average".. u should be able to RENT A GUN and RENT A SCOPE! PERIOD

and u might get lucky enough on the DAILY DRAWL to get something worth a damn.. like CLIPS or a SCOPE.. but again.. u can ONLY put them on a gun that you OWN

mentally slower than "average"
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Offline BuckTester 
/rage-thread with ALL CAPS title

This game is intended for people who can't/won't play BF3.

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Offline IEatsBacon 

1. Good for you. Freeloading FTW!
2. The credits thing is annoying, and should be changed.
3. The G3A4 is the ONLY default weapon that is not worthless. You just have to get used to it.
4. Customization: That is also annoying and should be changed.
5. AEK is only 45000 credits. I'm already at 21000, but I already bought it with survey funds.
6. Yes. Because this is a TEAM game.
7. O RLLY? I'm having fun. And I've never spent a penny.
8. The Draw is your friend.

Thanks anyway Big Grin

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12-05-2012, 11:47 PM | Post: #4
Offline Cloud90PL 
(12-05-2012 11:43 PM)BuckRaven Wrote:  /rage-thread with ALL CAPS title

This game is intended for people who can't/won't play BF3.

still he's right, this game is not friendly to free players

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it was hell of a ride...
12-05-2012, 11:51 PM | Post: #5
Offline SakuraKoi 
(12-05-2012 11:43 PM)BuckRaven Wrote:  /rage-thread with ALL CAPS title


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