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Offline Thefabiocool 
GIVE people a ride!

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Offline Ballistix_balls 
(07-05-2012 06:12 PM)Bekaar Wrote:  If you want to practice flying go to the empty servers and crash how many times you want

dont take heli/jet without having minimum of 3 T/p

helis and jets can change the game

lol thats that i said

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Offline Xaruto 
Don't use these boosters: RPG, Claymore, Grenade and XM25 Airburst Grenade Launcher. They are incredibly lame and prove you have no skill at all, meaning NO ONE will respect you, ever.

If you're an Assault or a Medic, always share your ammo or medic boxes with your teammates. You can see an icon above their heads indicating if they need ammo (a sign of 3 bullets) or health (a sign of a "medical" cross).

If you're an Engineer and go to maps with vehicles, be sure to keep your repair tool with at LEAST 2 Training Points on it and often use it on vehicles of your teammates so you keep them with their armour up! If their drives ask for repairs, you can see a sign of a little wrench above their vehicles. Quickly go to help them! You use your repair tool like the way you shoot a gun: you hold your LMB (Left Mouse Button) against a vehicle to repair it.
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Offline ay.j.eng 
Tip: Pay close attention to sounds; they can help you figure out enemy's direction and weapon type.

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Offline =LAMPA= 
If you want learn fly - go to empty server!

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Offline CaptPewPew 
If an engineer is repairing an empty vehicle, do not steal it from them! The best thing to do is enter the vehicle and take up a gunner position. That way the engi gets points for repairing, you get points for killing anyone coming at it and the 2 of you can ride off into the sunset exploding stuff!

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Offline 1337-G4nner 
When you get into a vehicle,wait for your teammates!

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Offline eXchance9 

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Offline 1337-G4nner 
Don't go in front of your teammate while he is shooting at somebody,you are just blocking him.

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Offline RipCom 
If your an assault use flare(request reinforcements):
1) to cap enemy flags behind the lines/front lines.
2) Use it if you lost all flags and dont want majority of your team to respawn at home base but instead next to you. Preferably ~in the middle of the map.
3) if your in a tight spot in general. Extra firepower is always handy.

Also don't bother camping it will make people angry and come to your location and knife you while t-bagging your corpse afterwards. NOTE: get dead mans trigger and suicide and T-bag their corpse if possible if not move ur mouse cursor up and down after you kill him.

"Of every one hundred men, Ten shouldn't even be there, Eighty are nothing but targets, Nine are real fighters...We are lucky to have them...
They make the battle. Ah, but the One, One of them is a Warrior...and He will bring the others back." -Hericletus (circa 500 B.C.)
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Offline snipingmonkeys 
anyone who is worse than you is a noob and anyone whos better has no life

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Offline RGeneral24 
If you have "Request Reinforcements" and "Front Line Medic" abilities use them while capturing a flag.

Always drop ammo and medic boxes at your allies. They will thank you and you get rewarded with points.

If you don't know your teammate's class check the scoreboard or look directly at their main weapon.

"TAG! TAG! TAG!" If you see this in chat start using your tracer dart more. Engineers will thank you!

Be unique from the other players: Don't be a d1ck!

Take everything in moderation! Even World of Warcr.... Battlefield Play4Free!!

Stalking the developers won't make you famous...

The aircraft carrier ain't an "Offshore Party Platform" so leave it and GO FIGHT SOLDIER!!!

Certain abilities stop working if you take damage so be careful when you use them.

This game is all about PTFO. If you don't YOU LOSE!!!

Don't revive teammates randomly! First clear the area then revive he doesn't get taken down again.

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Offline Ghostrider0067 
My tip?

Don't start another thread just because you're a dev when there's a perfectly good one that's already going that covers the same material:


Oddly enough, even a blue commented about how great it was and to keep it going... but then you guys do THIS? Come on.

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Offline JonSwift
(07-05-2012 06:12 PM)Bekaar Wrote:  helis and jets can change the game

I have to respectfully disagree with you. I've been on Oman with two Apaches roaming around, spamming nukes, my KDR was like 5/17, but we still won the round because they couldn't keep up with our teamplay capping flags.

TIP- TAG VEHICLES, on a vehicle heavy map like Oman you can keep the enemy force from taking ground and flags if you keep blowing up their vehicles (like when one team or another has all the flagsAngel)
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Offline KraK3n 
Ever got Bored on Oman or dalian when you have to take the APC or boat from the carrier? Just point it in the direction you want to go hold W then press your chat button default T.

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Offline enginman911 
Going through a Direct route to capture a flag will get you killed try to take a longer route that will take you behind the enemy lines
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Offline kszabi51 
Don't let your APC or Tank in the middle of the battlefield! It's better if you destroy it, than let your enemies to kill your teammates with them.

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Offline p3rf0rat0r 
"If you see that one of your bases is unprotected you should keep an eye on it.
Often one soldier is enough to defend or quickly recapture a flag."

"If suddenly a vehicle icon apears on your (mini-)map this often indicates that an enemy has left it, so feel free to go hunting."

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Offline goat(sic) 
(07-05-2012 05:46 PM)PeIIets Wrote:   Switching to a pistol is faster than reloading, and will often save your life too.

Is that from CoD?
I think i've heard exactly the same before... Tongue

Tip: Don't run alone...

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Stay (sic).
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Offline SenateX 
As a recon, if you find it difficult to eliminate a target approaching a teammate, fire warning shots at the target and spot them, it will probably help by either having the target run for cover or making your teammate(s) aware of the threat.
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