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Offline Johnysnake 
**This is a repost of my original guide. If the mods/devs have a problem with reposting in a different section of the forum, please remove this and move the original thread here. Thank you.
[Image: RPGGUIDElogo.png]

The RPG(Currently the only rocket launcher.)
The RPG-7 is a widely-produced, portable, shoulder-launched, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade weapon. The ruggedness, simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness of the RPG-7 has made it the most widely used anti-tank weapon in the world. Currently around 40 countries use the weapon, and it is manufactured in a number of variants by nine countries. It is also popular with irregular and guerrilla forces. The RPG has been used in almost all conflicts across all continents since the mid-1960s from the Vietnam War to the present day War in Afghanistan.
(Source: Wikipedia)

The RPG can be used to do massive damage to enemy vehicles like jeeps, tanks, APC´s and maybe later also other vehicles like helicopters. To make aiming easier, it is compatible with tracer darts. Once a target is hit with the tracer dart gun, the RPG can lock onto it. Once locked, the launcher can be aimed in any direction and the rocket will loop around to acquire the painted target.
[Image: RPG.png]

The Tracer Dart Gun
It is a small, handgun-shaped weapon that can launch magnetic tracer darts at vehicles using pressurized gas. Once a enemy vehicle has been tagged, any fired RPG rocket will home-in on the vehicle.
[Image: Tracerdartgun.png]

RPG Training
1. Increase your RPG ammo in the TRAINING menu, so you can carry up to 6 RPG rockets.
  • Standard = 2 RPG Rockets
  • Upgrade 1 = 4 RPG rockets.
  • Upgrade 2 = 6 RPG rockets

2. … (More might be added later. Once Tier 2 & 3 are available.)
[Image: RPGammo.jpg]

RPG rockets deal around 300 damage to vehicles. (Depends on where the vehicle get hit.)
Hits needed to destroy a vehicle:
Jeep, Vodnik, Buggy, etc. 2
APC´s 2
Tank´s 3
AA vehicle ?

(Gunners on top of a vehicle like on a jeep or tank, mostly can be killed by 1 hit, if the rocket hits the vehicle from above.)

How to use
The best way to hit vehicles is using the airstrike tactic. This doesn´t require many skills and can be done by everyone with an RPG launcher. Once a vehicle is tagged (marked with a white box), simply fire a rocket straight into the air and the rocket will find his way to the tagged vehicle. This tactic will give you a hit chance around 7/10. Because the missile will now be able to hit the vehicle on a bigger surface and flies easily over any possible obstacles like trees, walls and buildings when it has enough altitude. To increase your hit chance a little more, make sure that u shoot when only 1 vehicle is tagged. Otherwise there is a chance that it will change direction to the other tagged vehicle.
[Image: Airstrike_01.jpg]
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Offline Johnysnake 
Once you got this under control, you can start focusing yourself to hit vehicles on a more difficult place. For example when a vehicle stands very close to a high building so it hits the roof, balcony or stairs of the building instead. Then you need try to get the rocket around the corner so it hits from another direction. When you shoot horizontal or with a angle (45 to 90 degree) to get the rocket around the corner, then you need to calculate or estimate what range the rocket need before it changes direction. I guess it would be around 80/100 meter (+- 2 seconds). After a while you will get the feeling about what range is right. But mostly every spot is able to reach once you know what way the rocket would take when it´s launched. In open area´s vehicles are an easy catch, just fire a rocket just above the white box to hit it. Make sure that you have some distance, because it takes a second or 2 before the rocket changes his direction to the target. If you aim to low, there might be a chance that it will crash into the road.
As long as a vehicle is tagged you will be able to hit it from everywhere on the map.
[Image: RPGaroundcorner.jpg]

Infantry cannot be tagged, so you have to aim yourself. A rocket will lose altitude the further it goes, so it´s important to estimate how much it will fall down before it gets close to your target. If the target is moving, then you also need the estimate where the target will be at the moment that the rocket crosses his way.
I would recommend to only use your rockets for vehicles.

  • Keybind the Tracer Dart Gun & RPG to an easy reachable button on your keyboard or mouse.
  • Use the “face camera” option to look behind so you can spot any tagged vehicles.
  • All other classes carry a Tracer Dart Gun. Ask your teammates to mark vehicles for you.

Currently known bugs
  • RPG doesn´t home-in on tagged RUS APC.
    No solutions yet.
  • RPG doesn´t reload automaticly after the first 2 rockets and get stuck.
    Press “r” (reload) and switch weapon. After switching weapons, the RPG will be reloaded and can be used again.

Check out my video to see how it works.
Link: RPG Airstrike
Password: RPG

For those who play another class

USE YOUR TRACER! Keybind it on a easy button on your mouse or keyboard, but ensure that you can use the tracer every time you can to target an enemy vehicle. Engineers are able to hit almost any vehicle on the map once they know how to use the RPG launcher. Tanks can be pretty painfull when it´s controled by a skilled tankpilot. Some good team work can prevent you and your teammates from being owned by it.
Assaults can be very usefull for engineers when it´s about vehicle hunting. They can help tracing the vehicles unlimited, thanks to the ammo supply´s. And ofcourse it´s great to have a comrade´s supply box near you to refill your RPG`s. Maybe a nice role for those who get bored very fast.
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Offline Johnysnake 
Other interesting & RPG related threads:

Have you noticed a grammar, mistake or wanna add something? Send me a PM.
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Offline Johnysnake 
Reserved for more info.

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Offline [URF]Mikuboy 
great guide

DodgyOletko ihan tyhma, vai ei?
tho if you wanna see my sxy char, be "tyhma"
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Offline Marakatu 
Mr. Johnysnake did it again ! After the Jet guide I thought u would stop but THIS is Rockin', complete guide with video in it, should totally get a sticky.

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Offline Razordog 
Great great guide. Now im a better Eng. thank to ya! ^^

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Offline Trephneor 

Oh, yeah, I'm in.
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Offline GeneralGeo 
Excellent guide.

But I have MC4 and BudStone as my witnesses that I invented this type of RPG kill the second or third day the Keys came out...

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Offline sykeblind 
i have level 2 rpg training but still 2 rockets. how come?
06-01-2011, 01:47 AM | Post: #11
Offline Johnysnake 
(06-01-2011 12:30 AM)GeneralGeo Wrote:  Excellent guide.

But I have MC4 and BudStone as my witnesses that I invented this type of RPG kill the second or third day the Keys came out...


It doesn´t really matter who found out first. It has been made to be used this way. I also used this tactic in BFBC2 and that was a long time before BF P4F closed beta got released.

(06-01-2011 12:49 AM)sykeblind Wrote:  i have level 2 rpg training but still 2 rockets. how come?

-RPG doesn´t reload automaticly after the first 2 rockets and get stuck.
Press “r” (reload) and switch weapon. After switching weapons, the RPG will be reloaded and can be used again.

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Offline Guvna 
I think the rpg has a little bit too good of homing capability. I think it should at least need to be aimed with sight of the tracer in the scope before it'll home in. I've had rockets do 180's to hit a homing beacon.

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Offline LazorFest 
with this, i've been getting somewhere around 4k, occasionally 3 or 5k points every round. useful stuff man.

O o

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Offline Free_Goon_II 
I get 400 points for most of my tanks hits. There are dmg zones on the tank, with the weakest point on the tank, the section that joins the tank turret to the body. Also hitting the underbelly of the tank has good dmg also. I have also found if u see the white box of a vehicle being traced moving around in the fog, just fire in the general direction of the box mking sure to aim above any obstacles. Dmg zone info is from BF2, but seems to work in bfp4f.
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Offline Mendel 
Posting video like that is ok?
I may post guide of my own with a video if its okay to post password protected video...
07-01-2011, 06:26 AM | Post: #16
Offline bollod 
Good Stuff!

I don't rely soly on the box.
There are times when you haven't any time other than reaction (what's your cover, backup, escape, reload situation options?...that's the background stuff going on all the time, so Knowing The Map is essential to pulling off the shots to maximum effect.

Know the weapon sights and distances and practice.
Understand the shooting limitations of Armour, so that if up close you can pull off Grenades and finish with a backing away RPG.

Teamwork obviously helps. Smile

Apologies for ramble...
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Offline Razordog 
(07-01-2011 06:07 AM)Mendel Wrote:  Posting video like that is ok?
I may post guide of my own with a video if its okay to post password protected video...

You can post videos here, not in other place.

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Offline DefaultWarrior 
Great job, Johnnysnake. I only recently learned about RPG airstrikes, and I'm having tank campers be all like, "What the heck just happened?"

[Image: unleddefaultwarrior.png]

Click here for attack heli guide!
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Offline rukqoa 
(06-01-2011 12:30 AM)GeneralGeo Wrote:  Excellent guide.

But I have MC4 and BudStone as my witnesses that I invented this type of RPG kill the second or third day the Keys came out...

Oh yeah? Oh yeah? I've been airstriking tanks since the first hour after the closed beta started! -.- And I've been doing it in BC2 since that game came out as well.

Seriously though, good guide for the new.

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Offline 1MP4CT 
im seriously questioning the ammo upgrade for the rpg i upgrade it fully but it only shows 2 rockets
its not the reloading problem either ive tried the fix
is the upgrade not working? or am i still limited to 2 rockets?

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