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[Image: BFP4F---vulcan-sight.jpg]

Listen up Soldiers!

A new shipment of gear has arrived in the form of Vulcan Scopes... a renowned and trusted set of optics for our soldiers. The latest models have been shipped to us, ready to go on sale, and ready for you to take out onto the field. (RECON ONLY!)

We have been sent 2 models... the tried and trusted "Range-Ace" sporting a modern range finder and a clear view of your target for optimal scouting possibilities. These scopes will be available in store immediately so grab yours anytime you like.

The next is a top of the line marksman scope named the "Dead-Eye", fully equipped with a rangefinder comprised of a plethora of mil-dots to gauge that perfect shot and markers to aid in compensating for wind interference for those more distant targets. These scopes are reserved for the elite and can only be obtained via both the Recon Weapon Attachment Supply Drop and the Recon Desert Camo Skin Supply Drop

Never let the enemy escape your sights again.

Ex-Community Manager

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