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Offline ArmorTerror 
[Image: X2F0X.jpg]

Nothing too shiny.
30-04-2012, 09:01 AM | Post: #282
Offline Shoots_Jiggers 
Just returned home today form an out of state Camping\fishing journey.the only camera i got is in car that ol ladys at work with .been trying 2 finds another 4 last hour...Not gonna happen.may post pic 2marrow anyway.
30-04-2012, 09:27 AM | Post: #283
Offline EA_Esterika
Contest "Your game space" is now officially closed. The winner will be announced on Friday!

Great job Soldiers!

(You are still welcome to post your pictures but unfortunately they will not be counted in.)
30-04-2012, 01:39 PM | Post: #284
Offline karthikga123 
30-04-2012, 02:48 PM | Post: #285
Offline Wulfteeth 


~Outdoor Gaming - Because I can~
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30-04-2012, 03:36 PM | Post: #286
Offline Mjbenz 

.jpg  Photo1829.jpg (Size: 423.34 KB / Downloads: 185)

.jpg  Photo1824.jpg (Size: 461.39 KB / Downloads: 189)

.jpg  Photo18201.jpg (Size: 486.92 KB / Downloads: 186)

.jpg  Photo1828.jpg (Size: 460.5 KB / Downloads: 179)

.jpg  Photo1823.jpg (Size: 427.99 KB / Downloads: 183)

.jpg  Photo1831.jpg (Size: 473.54 KB / Downloads: 185)

.jpg  Photo1825.jpg (Size: 434.7 KB / Downloads: 180)

.jpg  Photo1826.jpg (Size: 467.37 KB / Downloads: 168)

.jpg  Photo1827.jpg (Size: 446.18 KB / Downloads: 174)

.jpg  Photo1832.jpg (Size: 415.72 KB / Downloads: 173)
[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=d9e1ad36c32dfa...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=835780f99481b9...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=4026feffa83e84...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=3ee469ea0e161a...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=99ded643b18602...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=6b121e8f1eb702...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=bf048dfe5ebae2...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=b4c6d377cde0d3...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=9d7fc27c473332...mp;amp;c=1]

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=57c7ccf8078cc5...mp;amp;c=1]
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30-04-2012, 03:45 PM | Post: #287
Offline karthikga123 
my old DELLvostro...nice oneBig Grin
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30-04-2012, 04:29 PM | Post: #288
Offline Vaish999 
Hi, folks!

Even if the contest is closed, here is my gaming space!

[Image: p1010008oq.jpg]

[Image: p1010010so.jpg]

[Image: p1010011ah.jpg]

[Image: p1010013hek.jpg]

[Image: p1010016gk.jpg]

[Image: p1010017qw.jpg]

30-04-2012, 05:21 PM | Post: #289
Offline FranksNbeanz 
My gaming center where I play BFP4F with my trusty sidekick mow. He has never missed a game!!!!

[Image: guitar011.jpg]
30-04-2012, 05:26 PM | Post: #290
Offline FirstDayIsHard 
my play zone is sylly, my computer hasent got memory, my keyboard is like
a random poors keyboard, i should not say nothing of my monitor because
it sux, my mouse is small and i cannot describe the connections behind my
computer: finally; my computer is like some of 1990.
30-04-2012, 05:30 PM | Post: #291
Offline SpEnSAH 
Closed? Oh well, mine is mostly rifle-brass and climbing gear anyway Tongue

[Image: spensah.gif]
30-04-2012, 07:54 PM | Post: #292
Offline Jordanoz 
Esse e meu espaço de jogo eu fiz as prateleiras e montei o pc.espero que a galera goste, obrigado!

Attached File(s)
.jpg  DSC04427.JPG (Size: 303.58 KB / Downloads: 9)

30-04-2012, 08:09 PM | Post: #293
Offline Loginfaild 
My working field of battle. The war continues in office hours.
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30-04-2012, 08:13 PM | Post: #294
Offline Loginfaild 
My working field of battle. The war continues in office hours.
[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=59d9bc471e3fd8...mp;amp;c=1]
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30-04-2012, 10:32 PM | Post: #295
Offline Furativo 

(shitty camera was my shitty phone, and i think it adds that final touch... lol)

Oh yeah...
[Image: DSC00165.JPG]

Yep, i play with keyboard on my knees.. Beat that..
[Image: DSC00166.JPG]

I know im very very tidy...
[Image: DSC00167.JPG]

[Image: DSC00168.JPG]

You all wish u had this beast! It´s so epic that the power source wont fit lol
[Image: DSC00164.JPG]

I f i don´t win, im going to be very mad! All the others are just boring Tongue

All the garbage around the PC adds some excitments to the game, you never know if you are gonna hit a can of coke or one of the 20 ashtrays (empty coke can) laying around..

My girlfriend refuses to enter this room, wich is good for those long BFP4F all nighters, that way i won´t get disturbed and make my team lose coz of a woman!

PS: Just noticed now good thing the camera is bad quality, that way no one notices the used condom on top of the table LOL
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01-05-2012, 12:15 AM | Post: #296
Offline Tpoyo 
Aw... now I can't submit my winning entry. Sad

01-05-2012, 09:24 AM | Post: #297
Offline AceM13 
When I'm not working on biochemical research, you will find me in the lab playing BFP4F Big Grin

[Image: 2hgy2w2.jpg]

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01-05-2012, 11:48 AM | Post: #298
Offline DustyPig 
This picture comes with a short story.
My first shooters - and games that I played seriously - was the fourth and sixth in a series of Battlefield competitors. I was convinced that those games were THE best games available. However, I then played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at my cousin's and I bought it the next day and instantly forgot about those other games. The multiplayer opened the true potential of game immersion and all-out fun to me and I pledged myself to be a Battlefield fanboy, fueling flamewars, pre-ordering Battlefield 3 and buying everything Battlefield related but the skin packs, console versions and games preceding Battlefield 2. This included merchandise, Funds and expansions packs, just to name a few.
[Image: 001.JPG]
[Image: 002.JPG]

[Image: screen031.png]
01-05-2012, 11:37 PM | Post: #299
Offline Shoots_Jiggers 
(23-04-2012 09:56 PM)JopriFr Wrote:  Just enough place to play and for the best comfort! Tongue

[Image: dscn0114su.jpg]

The second one in order to see better my bfp4f main page.

[Image: dscn0115i.jpg]

The enemy wont even know you've got the 1000 yard stare from being in "the shiznit" too long Smile
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02-05-2012, 12:07 AM | Post: #300
Offline Shoots_Jiggers 
(25-04-2012 04:23 AM)jonj57 Wrote:  My Ghetto setup rigged from computers I found in the trash.
My motherboard is resting on a piece of cardboard because my case is ATX form factor but my mobo is BTX. Im But it handles battlefield on high settings Big Grin but it gets pretty hot.

Also here is a video of it since the pics dont work well.
lol,ive done a few curb shop computer builds myself & the cardboard,a friend of mine is a Systems Support Specialist at ISU and when my gigabyte mobo fried/died he told me too take it out of the case & lay it on wood or cardboard before i throw it to the garbage as a last troubleshoot for an electrical short-out.It wasnt the prob with that board but a few months later it saved me from tossing a good mobo away. SmileIdea

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