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Offline Mekanismi 
Lots of talk here again about the real life awesomeness of a gun and failure to
achieve it in game. The sad fact is that Easy probably goes and fidles around with the guns
as the EA marketing department tells them to in order to profit some extra
, which (if true)
I don't really find that reasonable practice at all. The game balancing should be done so that
the guns stay as close to their real counterparts as possible. How ever due the fact that its
Easy to change the statistics of the guns, thease are the first things which get Easy's greasy fingerprints all over.

more or less trivial ramblings ahead:

As an assaultrifle the AK-47 is largely outdated and rare. You don't find it all over the globe,
like the slogan goes but the various variants of it. Taleban carry mostly Chinease types
and even the occational real "AK" in middle-east Is most likely AKM (modernized AK-47).

The Kalashnikov model rifle generally benefits from it's desing in the form of rugged reliability.
However the longstroke gaspiston desing (which is part of the reliability puzzle) also
Adds to the recoil.

The 7.62x39 cardridge adds to the recoil as well but not that much. So at the AK's prominant
stomping grounds, at Taiga style forrest, the 7.62x39 really reaches to it's full potential.
The visibility In the northern forests usually ends at 200 meters so the better ballistics of the
5.56x45 NATO or 5.45×39mm basicly go to waste while the piercing power of the heavier
7.62x39mm dominates.

Here in Finland the FDF (Finnish Defence Forces) Uses RK 62 and RK 95 tp.
Thease assaut rifles are based on the licences of the original AK-47.....
How ever the RK evolved to a gun of its own over the years to a very western direction.
The tolerances are tight, polymer magazines, AGOCs, nightscopes etc..
All this makes the RKs much more accurate than the AK, but on the other hand
very very expensive. The end result is somewhere between west and east desing
firing the larger 7.62x39 accurately while retaining some of the Kalashnikov's famous
reliablility. This setup suites our military doctrine but is probably outdated in most other places
because they lack the boreal forest where the gun shines.

Since bullet penetration is something this game does not have, the 7.62x39 basicly looses all
the better points about it.

AEK was in practice experimental weapon and is nowadays rare because of the double piston and double gaschamber desing.
This gun lives on in games far more often than in reality. AN-94's double burst mechanism totally nullifies the usual
AK reliability and it's also very expensive.. It's outright doubful that any armed forces
would use thease as their mainstay waponry, yet they are featured in many games,
probably just because they are different.

I have basicly given up with Easy on the realism issue. My engineer lugs around AKS-74U
which is basicly full auto assault sub machine gun. Yet it has the same amount of
bullets in the magazine as your usual 9mm pistol.

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Offline SpEnSAH 
Hmmm...Valmet Cool

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14-04-2012, 10:44 AM | Post: #43
Offline =Sgt.Tuvok= 
Ok this is getting seriously OFF-topic, everyone knows that the AK-47, as many other guns in P4F, does not resemble the same characteristics, BUT they should have at least taken some of these up to make this gun competetive with other AR in the game.
If you really tried every assault rifle like myself you will see that AK-47 is the odd one out because it fails on almost all occasions in comparison to an AEK or a M16.

Of course you could argument now that it takes skill to use it but if this is so called balance then i am called Santa Clause and play trick or treat with small lil children....

I don't know how much drunk the devs were when they concepted the gun and if they really want to sell this piece of junk and make some profit from their work then they better look this gun up and compare it with the other AR, like:

Make it a little bit less superior than AEK in close range, make it more accurate with hipfire, make it louder and more distinctive for the enemy to recognize you...
Last but not least make it not the worst AR nor the best, what we really are missing in this game are hybrid weapons and since AEK, M16 and many other are more or less specialized in being balanced we could either keep it up or let the devs make guns which are OP or UP...

We're the community and it is up to us to inform the devs when something isnt right.

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14-04-2012, 03:35 PM | Post: #44
(08-04-2012 08:39 AM)SpEnSAH Wrote:  
(08-04-2012 06:52 AM)Br3msy Wrote:  The AK-47 is renowned only for it's reliability and cheapness of production, thats why it's used by guerillas and 3rd world countries, it's cheap reliable and easy to use and clean with large quantaties in the market...

Every nation that still uses them in this point of time is poor and does not have the budget to replace them (including your beloved Russia)

100% fact, ease of maintenance read: you don't need to train your backcountry arabs/africans/FARC to use and take care of them.

(08-04-2012 06:52 AM)Br3msy Wrote:  On another matter the AK-47 is NOT a copy of the german STG.44 whoever claims that does not know anything about these two guns and probably read it somewhere on the internet.


Because Kalashnikov says so?Rolleyes

(08-04-2012 06:52 AM)Br3msy Wrote:  Yes Khalasnikov had acces to the stg.44 along with every other weapon used in WW2 along with the american garand rifle and brittish sub machine guns including russian weapons of the time, the jump from rifles and smg's to assault rfiles was a process already tried before the german stg.44, as the next logical step in weapons production. (the stg44 is not the first AR it's the first to be called that.)

Yes yes the SVT-40, AVS-36, FG-42, Federov (lol), Gewehr 43, '41 Johnson, and M1 were all around looong before, the AK-47. But it can't be denied that the STG-44 and the AK are shockingly similar: Long stoke gas-piston positioned over the barrel, triangle hooded front sight, short sight radius with the rear V-notch over the chamber area.

Well, there are differences like...the STG-44 doesn't have the ergonomics of a trashcan like the AK, field-strips with a hinge pin in the front vs the cheap lift-off-the-dust-cover of the AK, tilting VS rotating bolt.

So, not an exact copy, but still...an imitation/knockoff.

id still pick the knockoff Big Grin expensive is not always best
14-04-2012, 03:47 PM | Post: #45
Offline [OG]Darkness 
they realy should buff the G3A4 a little bit and switch the G3A4 with the AK in the store places!

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14-04-2012, 06:14 PM | Post: #46
Offline solid5nake 
I've come to the conclusion that the AK is very usable with the stabilizing stock. Long range you have to use single shots but once you get used to the recoil its pretty easy to put the iron sights back on target quickly (and the AK actually has really good first shot accuracy). Anything close to semi-medium range you can full auto as long as you pull down on you mouse considerably as soon as you start to fire. I found my problem was I was trying to compensate for the recoil after firing which is what you can do with most guns in the game because they don't have very much recoil. Since the AK's recoil is so fast and extreme you actually have to start compensating for it the second you shoot, as long as you keep pulling on your mouse it tends to keep the gun pointed where you want it too.

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18-04-2012, 11:31 PM | Post: #47
ok after trying it i have to agree with you guys the recoil ok sort but bullet deviation is extreeme!!!! and yes i do mean extreeme if you cant hit somone point blank then something is terribly wrong
20-04-2012, 02:05 AM | Post: #48
devs and beta testing team you should seriously look into the ak47 theese people were not exagarating it really does perform very very badly which is a damn shame its the best gun yet performs worse than the default weapon

i haven not seen anyone in game actually using it lol

come on now...that just cant be right

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