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Listen up Soldiers!

Due to unforeseen issues causing many players to be unable to update their game we will be rolling back today's release (As announced here)

We will therefore fix the issues effecting this release and re-deploy the update tomorrow morning (Wednesday 4th April) @ approximately 08:00 UTC

Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Updated April 3rd @ 14:00

The update is confirmed for Wednesday 4th April @ 08:00 UTC and will last approximately 30 minutes.

Most players will not experience any issues during this time, however there is a small possibility that you may lose connection to the server as it is taken offline in order to update it. Once the maintenance period is over, you will be prompted to update your game.

This update will include the following changes:

  • Shotguns and pistols have been rebalanced based on feedback from PTE.

Bug Fixes
  • Possible to get multiple free draws if user is logged in when the timer expires.
  • The best in class icon in EOR screen does is not displayed correctly.
  • Daily draw is not displayed correctly when logging directly on the forum.
  • Server browser shows same server multiple times after clicking refresh in some cases.

  • The image on the get more funds link on the website has been updated.
  • A new media section has been added to the website (About/Media).

Known Issues
  • Daily draw is not displayed correctly the first time after clearing cache if user has a slow connection.
  • It possible to see through the bottom edges of the berets when looking from the back.
  • The ammo clip of the L96 sniper rifle is transparent in low and super low quality settings.

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