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Listen up Soldiers!

It's time to clean out the armory and unpack these weapon and attachment bundles but before we do we will be holding a sale to clear out as many as we can. So if you are looking to pick up a cheap weapon bundle or just to grab your first weapon and attachments then this could be a great deal for you as you can save 25% off of the original already reduce bundle price.


In the heat of battle, sometimes you are forced to stand your ground or make that much needed push to claim victory for your team. In those cases, every bullets counts... so why not add a few more to your clip that pack a little extra OOMPH!.

With an added punch and an increased clip size size and overall ammo count the Iron Man pack provides a solid all round boost that will let you keep in the fight no matter the situation.

ClassOriginal Price:Sale Price:

Assault2599 Funds1949 Funds
Engineer2399 Funds1799 Funds
Medic2599 Funds1949 Funds
Recon2699 Funds2019 Funds

* Offer ends on Friday 16th March @ 08:00 UTC

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