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Message to developers: The request for the implementation of Operation Métro currently has 882+ signs (Note: the link is temporary, use the search feature at the bottom of page). We will do whatever it takes to have this map. We'll be waiting for Operation Métro.

The match is burning bright, our goal is to reach 1000 signs. Only then would this need to be spoken between the developers.

[Image: logo_443x128.png]

If you haven't done so already, please vote too!

I am suggesting that Operation Métro be added to Battlefield Play4Free. As you may know, Operation Métro was featured in Battlefield 3 Closed and Open Beta. Plus, it just happens that in Battlefield 3, it is the United States Marine Corps versus the Russian Ground Forces.

[Image: BF3_Operation_Metro.jpg]
Assault mode

Location: Paris, France

Operation Métro is a very linear map. There are three flags and no vehicles on this map.

US Deployment
In both the variants, the US team starts near the park in the subway tunnels. There are two subway tunnels running parallel to each other. As well there are service tunnels running in between both tunnels. All of these tunnels lead to Platform. In case the enemy takes Platform these tunnels lead straight there providing flanking routes. Also, if the Russians do take Platform, watch the tunnel that is under construction, as the other tunnels are usually the focus on any spawn attack.

C: Platform
As mentioned above, there are many tunnels that lead to Platform, so it will usually be under control of the US for a large part of the match. If the Russians push the US back, the various subway cars can act as cover or for defensive purposes. There is also a large tunnel that can be reached by the first set of escalators. This area is a great defensive post, but can be flanked by the under construction area on the other side of the tracks. The same is true when approaching Ticket Hall.

This objective is generally well defended as the cover favors the US deployment. If pushing, the US attackers should man each escalator and the side stairs fairly evenly (though the side stairs are dominant). The recon gadgets are useful for spotting movement upstairs and a beacon should be placed in the tunnel beyond the last escalator for quick access to the stairs.

If defending, the US should set up camping MGs and some other troops on each escalator to quickly take down anyone brave enough to charge down. The side stairs though are crucial, as a breach there will spill over quickly and take out the defenders fighting the escalators. If all escalators are breached and the Russians control all other points, a good push by the Russians will easily take C. After all are lost, the match is all but over. A decent team of Russian attackers need only hold the key paths with assault and support, and spawn kills will finish the US team.

In the case of a flank by the Russians, this objective is normally easily retaken, unlike A.

B: Ticket Hall
This flag will see the most action as it is in the middle of the map and can be used to turn the tide of the battle. The Russian side has a significant advantage capturing this flag, as it is easier to access the flag on shorter time from their spawn. Most contests typically devolve into bouts at the three staircases if the Russians have the advantage, or towards the street entrances if the Americans have the advantage. It is possible to break the deadlock should a skilled squad overwhelm one of the defended areas, or if the flag defenders neglect one of the choke points. Both sides should keep a close eye on the long service hallway that runs parallel for most of the hall, as either side can use it to outflank the defending side or use it to sneak to one of the other flags.

When the US gets to the first escalators be prepared to hold out at he wall at the top as the Russians can pour from all sides as the entrance for the long service hallway looks right behind the wall. If you are holding out behind this wall have Assaults through health kits down periodically as RPGs will be flying and Russians will constantly trying to push to the escalators. Same with Supports as troops will need ammo. Be aware that grenades and the M320 grenade launcher cause frenzy for both sides as it is often the best way to get through the choke points. The squad frag and squad flak specializations are useful in attack and defense situations. Smoke is usually an underrated strategy but can often distract in order for other choke points to be freed up or for flankers. Both sides need to aim to clear this objective as quickly as possible as controlling this and carefully pushing, one side can quickly push as far back as either deployment. A sneaking flanker can cause havoc when the team is working together as a couple of beacons will confuse the defending team trying to recapture either A or C however a balance of pressing B and defending A and C must be met.

A: Cafe
The Cafe will be the first point the Russians get to, as it is closest to the Russian deployment. There are two buildings that overlook the Cafe where snipers (US controlled) will likely try to hold out as it gives a view of the whole Cafe. There are three entrances to Cafe, either through the main front entrance, through the northern (to the left for US, the right for RU), or through the south (the right for US, the left RU). The Northern entrance makes the players go through an alley before reaching the street, while the southern entrance leads directly to the street, but it is hard to see as there is a car on fire and smoke is blowing into the area.

If a team is trying to take the Cafe, check both buildings. This is where the Russians will hold out in case the US takes Ticket Hall so keep an eye on the entrances as a good push can cause the Russians to lose the position. The buildings facade can be destroyed to deter any one in the buildings or to keep people away from them. If the Russians take Ticket Hall, this flag will be almost impossible to reach for the US as any entrances will be defended. In the rare case the US sneaks around to this flag and takes it, they should take cover in the buildings as being in the open will let snipers from the RU deployment kill you and any troops that pour out of the main entrance will see you first. Place as many beacons in sneaky positions as this will allow a quick recapture (with a good squad) if the objective is lost to a Russian surge. Russians should not rush recapturing and sweep the buildings and side streets for beacons.

When defending the Cafe, Recons equipped with the Claymore will likely place them behind the central pillar of the spiral staircases, one between every two floors facing downstairs. These claymores can be very hard to see when entering the building, and thus attackers should be wary when entering the two buildings surrounding the flag.

RU Deployment
The Russian Deployment is in the Euronext Paris exchange building and overlooks an avenue and Cafe. There is plenty of cover for snipers and troops, in case the US takes Cafe. The avenue also has a lot of cover too as there are destroyed cars and buses. The avenue has many ways up to Cafe for flanking routes.
Credit the Battlefield Wiki for this information

[Image: OperationMtroConquestMap.png]

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a must have

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Offline Cabelotas 
fk yeah, it sure deserves this map! Would be AWESOME!

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03-03-2012, 12:02 PM | Post: #4
Offline 5ilent_control 

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Offline GameKing 

I'd like to have all BF3 maps here 2 but that's just a dream. [Image: rolleyes.gif]

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Offline GermanAssault17 

would be nice to get itWink

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Offline [TNB]PWN3D^^ 
/sign but nade b00sters and USAS users will be everyday life on this map
03-03-2012, 02:40 PM | Post: #8
Offline AJoao611
/sign, but I want to point out a few things...

1- The map at the end of ur post in there is of Op. Métro in Beta state and it's in Rush mode... update it.
2- All of that huge text is USELESS, it's all about BF3, why the **** did u copy&paste it?

(03-03-2012 01:55 PM)PWN3D^^ Wrote:  /sign but nade b00sters and USAS users will be everyday life on this map

They'll nerf pistols and shotguns before implementing it Wink
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Offline L.T_Queensland 
Please add Operation Métro map to Battlefield Play4Free
03-03-2012, 04:41 PM | Post: #10
Offline Wellrod 
Signed/ Great idea

03-03-2012, 05:00 PM | Post: #11
Offline Myotis 
^ this this this this now now now now!!!

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M16 4EVER!
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Offline MarwenTchigo 

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Offline ZaZaBaBa 
/Sign please Sign on my Suggestion you can see the Link in my Signature Big Grin

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Offline Supwatch 
The only problem is:

The Dev's have to build this map from the ground. All BF2 maps have a specific thing so they don't have to do very much about it. If they want to make a BF3 map, it will cost 5 months or so.

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Offline 303ConArtist
I think there's a limit on closed spaces when it comes to the engine, but whatever.

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Offline XkSAssassin 
People,listen. How I said,copying things from the games they haven't said they will copy,is not illegal.

Still,if they are able to,then /sign of course.

I still do.
03-03-2012, 06:07 PM | Post: #17
Offline strangers123 
No sign.

The map is too linear with minimal way of flanking making taking the enemy rear flag obsolete as no one else can spawn there unless they too try to breach the enemy lines (that is if 1 team has 2 or more flags)

Sharqi is fine because the map itself is formed quite like a square. This one is just too long and thin.

BUT if they just take the first section of [Image: BF3_Operation_Metro_E3_Briefing.jpg]
including the 2 islands in the water then I might be in for it.

03-03-2012, 06:25 PM | Post: #18
Offline goat(sic) 
/sign we should have that map

[Image: TfLx3.png]

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Stay (sic).
03-03-2012, 06:37 PM | Post: #19
Offline Ted1Mosby 
Yeah, at least this map.
But Damavand Peak would also be sweet.
You've got my /SIGN

03-03-2012, 08:18 PM | Post: #20
Offline Gambit.. 
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