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Offline GarTZilla 
[JPN + SGP] Yamato Servers

Multinational Servers for Asian Players


+ Rules Now in Alternate Languages +



[Image: Merlini.png]


Server Languages: English & Japanese
Current Map Rotation: 2 Rounds of Karkand, Oman, Sharqi, Basra, Dragon Valley, Dalian Plant, Mashtuur City, and Myanmar

  • NO Racism, Bad Language, or Name Calling
  • NO TeamKilling
  • NO Griefing (Destroying Team Vehicles or Pushing Teammates off Runways)
  • NO Excessive Tea Bagging, Over-Killing (Do not Shoot a Dead Man's Body... We Think you Proved Your Point by Killing Him in the First Place)
  • NO Spawn Killing That Includes Heli-Camping
  • NO Stat-Padding

Our Thoughts Regarding EAsy's Policy of Boosters (UPDATED 23/07/2012)

EAsy has finally decided to re-balance the completely OP boosters recently. There have been major changes to the unboosted gadgets as well as their corresponding boosters. Here is a list of the recent changes:

(06-07-2012 04:23 PM)ay.j.eng Wrote:  
Base Explosives


  • damage: 45
  • radius: 8
  • hotSpot: 0.1
  • selfdamage: 0.2

  • damage: 100
  • radius: 6
  • hotSpot: 0.4
  • selfdamage: 0.8


  • damage: 800
  • radius: 10
  • hotSpot: 0.4
  • selfdamage: 0.3
  • material: 13
  • triggerRadius: 2

  • damage: 1000
  • radius: 8
  • hotSpot: 0.8
  • selfdamage: 0.1
  • material: 90
  • triggerRadius: 3


  • damage: 32*
  • hotSpot: 0.5

  • damage: 34*
  • hotSpot: 0.75

Mortar Strike:

  • shells (batchSize): 6
  • damage: 50
  • radius: 10
  • hotSpot: 0.2
  • self damage: 0
  • + reload time changes

  • shells (batchSize): 4
  • damage: 80
  • radius: 9
  • hotSpot: 0.5
  • self damage: 1
  • + reload time changes


Mine Booster:
  • Damage: +200
  • Amount: +4

C4 Booster:
  • Amount: +3

Claymore Booster:
  • Amount: +3

Grenade Booster:
  • Amount: +2

Mortar Strike Booster:
  • Shells: +3

  • Magazines: +3

As you can see, most of the boosters now only increase carrying capacity of gadgets rather than giving a game breaking damage buff. This is the balance that [SGP + JPN]Yamato(along with many other servers) have been waiting for. With this much anticipated, community friendly balance, boosters are no longer banned on the Yamato servers. However, old rules concerning gadget use still applies:

  • DO NOT Spam Boosters and Gadgets(Gadgets Should Compliment Your Playstyle, They Should not Replace Your Primary Weapon)



Possible Future Weapon Bans(UPDATED 24/07/2012)
All Boosters are now Allowed to be used on Yamato servers.

*Rules are subject to change. You can check rules here in the forums, the server banner or server announcements.*

+ Most importantly, it is the goal of [JPN]Yamato that whether you win or lose, you must play fair and have respect for your fellow players. +
+ If an Admin/Mod feels you are not respectful of those around you then you can be kicked/banned. +




JP_YAMATO ([Image: jp-icon.png]


(Secret) ([Image: jp-icon.png]
GarTZilla ([Image: in-icon.png]

In-Game Administrators

Healin4ev3r ([Image: vn-icon.png]
BHE1 ([Image: kr-icon.png]
sl0wburn ([Image: jp-icon.png]
FoxUnit07 ([Image: Thailand.png]
+5 Administrators ([Image: jp-icon.png]

In-Game Moderators

KittyKiller1 ([Image: my-icon.png]
MotiGoldFish ([Image: in-icon.png]
KellerJ ([Image: my-icon.png]
JLTV2010 ([Image: ph-icon.png]
Peter_Phat ([Image: vn-icon.png]

*We are here to help. Feel free to ask any questions in-game, here, or via PM.*


+ FAQS +

Q. Where are the Servers Locations?
A. Tokyo, Japan and Singapore

Q. What is the Max Ping Time?
A. It is at about 350 (Japanese Peak Time 300(about 20:00-24:00 JST(UTC+9))

Q. How can I be a VIP?
A. If a vice-administrator feels you stand out and exemplify good sportsmanship, friendly and helpful attitude, high skill and obey the rules of the server you can become a VIP.
(If you are Japanese: Send PM to JP_YAMATO)

Please do not ask to become VIP in this thread, via PM, or in game. This will only decrease your chances of becoming one.

Q. Can I buy a VIP Spot?
A. NO. VIP spots ARE NOT for sale. If you ask an Administrator 'How much?' you will "NEVER" get to be a VIP.
Please don't do that. That's not the point of the server. All we wish for you to have is fun.

Q. Where can I Check Server Rules?
A. Server rules are listed here, the Server Banner while the map is loading, and in the Server Announcements.

Q. What is the Map Rotation?
A. The Map Rotation Changes depending on the time of Day.
The Server Banners Below Correspond to the Current Map Rotation at That Time of Day.

Daytime Rotation 12:00 - 21:00 JST(UTC+9)
[Image: yamato12fl.png]

Oman - Karkand - Basra - Dragon Valley - Myanmar - Oman - Mashtuur City - Sharqi

Night Time Rotation 21:00 -1:00 JST(UTC+9)
[Image: healin-001.png]

Oman - Myanmar - Mashtuur City - Basra - Karkand - Sharqi

Late Night Rotation 1:00 - 12:00 JST(UTC+9)
[Image: chiko-002-1.png]

Oman - Mashtuur City - Dalian Plant - Myanmar - Oman - Karakand - Sharqi

[SGP] Yamato
(Rotation Subject Sudden Change)
[Image: aaasgpyamatofl.png]

Oman - Karkand - Basra - Dragon Valley - Mashtuur City - Myanmar - Sharqi

Q. What about Hacking?
A. [JPN]Yamato is a GGC Stream Protected Server. Along with Punkbuster, GGC-Stream is an additional anti-hack service that helps protect servers from potential hackers. GGC-Stream works in conjunction with Punkbuster where PB will kick any cheaters; GGC will ban these people from ALL GGC-Stream protected servers. So if someone cheats on a GGC streaming server and is detected by Punkbuster or any additional checks, the PB Guid of this cheater will be added to GGC banlist. From this time on the player is banned from every server who also streams to GGC.

While GGC-Stream is not perfect; it does a pretty good job protecting players from hackers.
So the next time you want to accuse someone of hacking maybe, MAYBE entertain the thought that they just might be better than you.

Q. What is Your Stance on Spawn Killing
A. [JPN]Yamato's Stance on Spawn Killing:


Spawn-killing is camping in or around the enemy's Spawn Zone to kill with the sole intent of improving one's K/D instead of focusing on the game's objective.

Whether you are on foot, in a ground vehicle, or in a jet/helicopter : If you are firing into a spawn zone without your team trying to capture that area's flag you are spawn killing.

When It's Not Spawn Killing:

Killing someone while moving through or near a Spawn zone to capture the flag or while trying to leave the immediate area.

Note: If an admin kicks you for spawn killing, it's not because you are "owning" him or he is abusing power. It is because you are breaking a rule set up here.

If that's a rule you don't agree with, we hope you have fun playing on other servers. Wink

Q. Why am I Being kicked? The Server Browser says my Ping is fine!
A. The Server Browser ping time is not the same as while you are playing the game. Usually ping time increases by 80-120 msec when you are playing.
This increase is usually caused by your PC specifications. Best advice to reduce ping is to close all other non-essential programs
(internet browser, antivirus, skype, itunes, etc.) before playing the game.

Other possible reasons for being kicked are: Idle Players, Making Room for an Incoming VIP, or Breaking the rules.

Q. I've been Banned. What do I do now?
A. It takes a lot to be banned from the server. If an Admin sees you are not following the rules he will first warn you. If you continue to break the rules it will result in you being kicked up to 2 times from the server. If you reconnect and continue to break the rules it will result in a ban. Usually bans are permanent but if you have been banned, send a PM to the server owner, JP_Yamato, and explain to him what happened. However, if he feels you are not sincere and are unwilling to change then the ban will stand. Please don't make the Admins ban you. We don't like doing it but if you repeatedly break the rules you will be punished.

Note: All admins are different. Some feel verbal warning are adequate while others feel that kicking suffices as a warning. Breaking rules like Weapon Bans will usually result in an immediate kick. While things like Helicamping/Spawn killing will receive a verbal warning. Decisions to warn/kick/ban is left up to the judgement of the admin online at the time.

A1. Unfortunately, Server quality is very cheap and we have no choice. Sometimes it happens.
A2.Time to nag Mommy and Daddy for a new PC or better internet connection.

Recommended PC => https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0ByaqgiN...VlNTJhZWMy
If your PC's benchmark score is lower than that PC you should not say "laaaag".

Q. How can I Become an Admin/Mod?
A. The same way you become a VIP = Exemplify good sportsmanship, high skill, friendly and helpful attitude, obey the rules of the server, and most importantly maturity. If the Head Administrator feels you fulfill these requirements then he'll PM you and invite you to join the Admin/Mod Team. Please Don't Ask... No really. Please Don't Ask.


*We are a Multinational Asian Battlefield Play4Free Server and Community.*
*It is our hope that you have fun dominating on the Battlefield and respect your fellow players while doing so.*

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Offline Healin4ev3r 
Reporting for duty Cool

[Image: xhUzq]

Honey Badger
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19-02-2012, 03:53 PM | Post: #3
Offline ClessAlvein 
I request reopen Shaqi Sad . Basra is fun but too but to be the only non-vehicle map make it a bit bored Sad ...

[Image: Untitled-2.jpg]
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Offline BHE1 

yes a great server
no doubt #1 in Asia

avg. skill level is most of the time decent to good

also most players respect the rules and play fair
in my time with admin rights, i just had 2 kick 4 ppl for USAS usage and 1 for trolling teammates on the carrier. On most other servers i see that a lot ;p

[Image: showsig.php?id=7f2b666f5a46e75f247362f772e4d48f]
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Offline [Legend]_Dr.Mix_ 
I want become "Moderator" like Kitty Smile
20-02-2012, 01:39 PM | Post: #6
Offline Stu88s 
(20-02-2012 12:52 PM)[Legend]_Dr.Mix_ Wrote:  I want become "Moderator" like Kitty Smile
that wont happen for a impolite kid like u Big Grin
20-02-2012, 03:24 PM | Post: #7
Offline motigoldfish 
I had a blast.
Played after a long time.Had newbie talk with admin
3-11 in first game after a year.
Great server

[Image: b72cc27a.png]
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Offline GarTZilla 
(19-02-2012 03:53 PM)ClessAlvein Wrote:  I request reopen Shaqi Sad . Basra is fun but too but to be the only non-vehicle map make it a bit bored Sad ...

I'd also like to see Sharqi. It's been a really long time since I've played there. Maybe in the near future? It's all up to the owner of the server. At least for now we have Basra back in the rotation.

[Image: bUUza.png]

GarTZilla | GZiLLa | DocZiLLa | xX-Gojira-Xx
21-02-2012, 05:21 AM | Post: #9
Offline ETA.Oneal 
Can i Ask Something..?? Why when the map is Changed at Basra i always got an Error Sad(

Please Help meSad

21-02-2012, 06:39 AM | Post: #10
Offline Healin4ev3r 
(21-02-2012 05:21 AM)ETA.Oneal Wrote:  Can i Ask Something..?? Why when the map is Changed at Basra i always got an Error Sad(

Please Help meSad

Game crash when loading Basra is s known bug in this game. No fix for this from EAsy yet. You should try to delete the "Battlefield Play4Free" folder under "My document" and see if it can fix the problem.

[Image: xhUzq]

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21-02-2012, 10:44 AM | Post: #11
Offline ETA.Oneal 
(21-02-2012 06:39 AM)Healin4ev3r Wrote:  
(21-02-2012 05:21 AM)ETA.Oneal Wrote:  Can i Ask Something..?? Why when the map is Changed at Basra i always got an Error Sad(

Please Help meSad

Game crash when loading Basra is s known bug in this game. No fix for this from EAsy yet. You should try to delete the "Battlefield Play4Free" folder under "My document" and see if it can fix the problem.
Do i need to delete the Whole Game??

21-02-2012, 11:51 AM | Post: #12
Offline Ezhole 
awesome server logo pic, Thank you to admins for running a great server.
+1 for sharqi back in rotation.
21-02-2012, 12:24 PM | Post: #13
Offline KittyKiller1 
KittyKiller1 reporting for duty Big Grin
(and also reporting 2 assasinate all enemies) Big Grin

21-02-2012, 02:24 PM | Post: #14
Offline JP_YAMATO 
Thank you for all people who loves my server.

21-02-2012, 02:32 PM | Post: #15
Offline motigoldfish 
i got kicked suddenly for high ping for no reason
im playing from india

[Image: b72cc27a.png]
21-02-2012, 02:37 PM | Post: #16
Offline GarTZilla 
I also play from India but it's difficult to play during the day. Usually ping drops to more manageable levels around 10 pm for Indians.

[Image: bUUza.png]

GarTZilla | GZiLLa | DocZiLLa | xX-Gojira-Xx
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Offline KittyKiller1 
(21-02-2012 02:24 PM)JP_YAMATO Wrote:  Thank you for all people who loves my server.

Ur welcome Big Grin Smile Wink

21-02-2012, 02:53 PM | Post: #18
Offline KittyKiller1 
(20-02-2012 12:52 PM)[Legend]_Dr.Mix_ Wrote:  I want become "Moderator" like Kitty Smile

chance of u becoming moderator 0.0001%
chance of getting trolled by me 99.9999%

Big Grin

22-02-2012, 02:12 AM | Post: #19
Offline Healin4ev3r 
and other servers are copying our thread's format, but less smexy than us Big Grin

[Image: xhUzq]

Honey Badger
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22-02-2012, 02:55 AM | Post: #20
Offline =nismo= 
(22-02-2012 02:12 AM)Healin4ev3r Wrote:  and other servers are copying our thread's format, but less smexy than us Big Grin

I have PMed GarTZilla and asked if I may use this threads format. Its a nice layout.

thank you GarTZilla keep up the good work mate


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