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Offline Plazmadude 
People have probably done this in the past, but now I'm going to be doing it.

I'll start off with reviewing the classes:

I don't have a Recon class except for the level 1 I have on an account I made just to try it. I really didn't like it. It was just way to cumbersome, I had no clue what the sensory object was for (oh, and are they the little beeping things I hear in the game ALL OF THE FREAKING TIME?), and I had really bad control over the gun, and just couldn't get a kill for the life of me. I probably could've done better, had I given it more of a chance, but.. for some reason, I can't login to my other account. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not dissing recons. Some guys are extremely good at reconning. But I guess I just suck at it because I've been playing assault and engineer a whole lot more. If you have guys that beast at it on your team, that's a huge plus.

I thought this was kind of a cool class. LMG's are just freaking's awesome. I wanted to use a defibrillator once, just to see what would happen. (oh, and i used to go crazy when i would just get back up where i died in-game, cuz I would have no clue what happened and I thought it was a glitch, but i eventually found out and had to lol at myself.) The medic boxes are a huge plus for every class. The weapon (the mg3, i think) that you start off with isn't good, so I bought the m249 saw, and I noticed it acted almost like an assault rifle, only with more ammo. This class wouldn't be my main choice, but definitely better than the recon, imo. If you have medics on your team (especially with defibs), they can certainly boost your team performance, getting you and them a whole bunch load of points and frags.

This is a pretty epic class. The RPGs are just totally beast, if you know how to aim with them, even without the tracer tag. It's especially easy to hit a target when you have a well coordinated team to have other guys to tag vehicles, so you don't have to waste time yourself to tag it (and then possibly get killed, cuz i've had that happen to me). The default SMG (the PP-2000) is an okay weapon, you don't want to miss your target too often if you're strafing, because you'll have to reload. Even though it has a short reload, you still could get killed by recons, backing assaults up. The best SMG that I've played with, imo, is the MP7. It's a good gun, good price, and if you know how to use it (pretty much for any gun), then you can gets tons points by RPGing and just plain fragging.

My personal favorite is the assault. I started out with this guy when I created my account (can't remember, maybe mid-december/early january), and I'm level 13. These guys are the grunts. If you are any type of other class, you definitely want to hang out near these guys so they can mow down any enemies coming. You also want to have a good supply of ammo. I've been around noobs (lol look who is calling people a noob. Tongue ) who just won't lay down ammo when I need more RPGs, and it bugs the crap out of me. My favorite assault rifle is probably the STG77AUG. The's a pretty good gun. It doesn't roll up, which I love. I can deal with the moving to the right pretty well. I also like another rifle, but can't remember the name of it. Overall, I would say this class is the best, but hey, I'm biased.

Moving on to all-class weapons:

Everyone hates USAS people. But hey. I own a VUSAS12. I like it. It took me like... 2 offers with sponsorpay to get it. (i'll talk about sponsorpay later) People abuse these guns, and I agree with you: They are overused. The 870 Combat though is a shotgun that not too many people use. If you use this, and you can get nice kills, I commend you. I've used this shotgun, and it's hard if you've never played with it before. Personally, I don't like pump action shotguns (mainly the one that came with the reward for reaching 200,000 likes on BP4F's FB page), but the 870 is a pretty good gun. I like it.

Pistols are used pretty much for non-recon class sniping. On Karkand, when you're at A, you'll want to use it to take out enemies on the roof. I've never actually used pistols all that much, meaning I've never bought/rent any except for the Rex that came with the assault class reward when you make your account. That was awhile ago, but I think I liked it. Nice damage. So I really can't talk much about pistols. I've never really needed to rent any.

Ammo Box: Assaults are needed for every class when you're out of ammo. If you're an assault, and people call for ammo, RESPOND. Give them ammo! It not only gives them ammo, but it gives you points.
Medic Box: Needed for every class when you're low on health. These things are awesome when you kill an enemy medic. You just use his medic boxes and just lol at him.
Frag Grenades: These things are good for taking out enemies behind walls. It's really awesome when you frag someone and they didn't even realize you chucked one. That's when you can lol at someone else again.
Repair Tool: Vital for any vehicle! When someone calls for repairs, go give them some repairs! And what I like to do is when I see a teammate repairing an empty vehicle, I like to jump in the vehicle so they can get some team repair bonuses. Then I promptly jump out and let them take off.
RPG: Really fun to take out infantry. I do this on Sharqi to try to take out enemy snipers on the hill near point C.
I can't think of anymore gadgets.

Vehicles Land/Air:

The little cars: I don't remember the names of lots of vehicles, but everyone will probably know what I'm talking about. The little cars are good for moving from CPs to other places. I personally like to use the bigger little car because its gun has a panoramic view. The littler little car can only move so much, and it sucks. I use either one when I'm in a hurry, but if I plan on camping, I'll take the bigger little car so I can see everywhere.

The jeeps: I like the US jeep better because it looks cooler. lol. These are good for mass transporting and for running over people.

The APC: Pretty much only one person will ride this vehicle, and that's the person who gets to it first. I like this the best myself, because I can do lots of damage, and it has more ammo than the tank. I like the American APC better because it has a better GUI.

The tanks: I don't like to drive tanks because they're hard for me. Too slow, too hard to hit anything and too impractical. Even with the coaxial machine gun, I still don't like it. Tongue

The helicopters: The Battle helis are awesome to fly IF YOU AREN"T LAGGING. Seriously. IF YOU ARE LAGGING: don't fly the helicopter. Let someone else fly it. Don't crash it 2 seconds after you get in the air. I can get tons of XP by flying these things. The transport helis are good for moving from the carriers. I don't like boats, because you have to walk from the boats to the CP, which is stupid.

The boats: Pretty much what I said in the last section. Although, if the creators made a map that relies heavily on boats, that'd be freaking awesome.


Karkand: This map is okay for recons especially. Lots of good sniping spots. Assaults do well only near capture points, but when you're not at a CP, you're probably in a very open area, just inviting a sniper to take a shot. A few good places for medics to camp, and engineers can pwn vehicles if both are in the right spot at the right time.

Basra: Sucks. I lag every time I play this. So I don't play it much, so I can't review it.

Dalian: Good map for vehicles and pretty much every class. I like to get in a heli and sit on the silos between D and B, and just use the minigun to kill people.

Oman: By far my favorite map! I don't lag much on this map, and it's really good for my assault and engineer to get some kills! Although if you have an enemy that's a beast in an attack helicopter, that can get really annoying, really fast.

Sharqi: Is good for getting XP. I rarely lag on this map, and I can pwn people pretty well, unless I'm having a sucky day. Recons get old on this map. Assaults will do well, medics okay, engineers aren't necessarily good except for their SMGs.

I'm forgetting a map, I think.

Out of game stuff:

Mainly SponsorPay and Play4Free funds: People complain about how EA is ripping us off when you buy Funds. My answer: DON'T BUY THEM THEN. Goodness people. Do you realize how many funds you can get by just doing SponsorPay! I love that thing (well, I have to complain that i didn't get my funds everytime i do an offer, but hey, i'm willing to wait to get my funds). More in my ending comments.

But yeah, that's my take on BP4F. Probably not as in depth as I would like it, but I want to play some today before my Saiga 12 expires.

I am a totally free player! I have bought the STG77AUG for forever with Funds. I have bought the VUSAS12 for forever with Funds. I have bought some vanity items (as one person put it lol). And I will hopefully have enough funds soon to buy either the Iron Man assault kit, or the Saiga12 for forever. Seriously consider using SponsorPay to get Funds.

I hope you all liked my stuff.

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Offline Sgt.Legolas 
I agree with Plazmadude (btw bro add me, I'm Sgt. Legolas).

These are some of the tricks and tactics i use and im sharing with u allSmile. I have an assault and an engineer.
But, ill stay with assault.

Most assaults are mainly for being there on the front line. Then medics, and engineers. then recons last.

In small maps like Sharqi and Basra, i usually do stuff like plant C4 at the first base we come through. When i see the phrase "We have lost control of (name of base you planted C4 at), i click the BOOM buttonBig Grin!!! This usually gets me 2 kills x about 3-4 times i do it. About 13-15 kills with my SCAR-L w/HOLO sight (which i got both from sponsorpaySmile) and maybe 4 knife kills if im lucky. 2 frag grenades and 4-8 C4 kills = 23 -28 kills. My personal best was 53/18 (in karkand). I am level 17 assault but the guns i use is the SCAR-L with mp45 scope, aek-971 with holo sight, G3A4 with C4 ammo and tactic stock and abakan an-97 with c4 ammo.

My soldier is sexy and has a awesome secret. HE THROWS EXPLOSIVE TRUCKS AT APCS AND TANKS!!!!

1. Get in a hmmvw, dpv, small jeep or Gaz.
2. Put all 2-4-6 C4 on your truck.
3. get in car with c4 remote still in hand
4. Drive around till you find a tank(6) or an apc (4-6) or maybe another small vehicle(2-6)
5. T-bone them making sure the car is touching them
6. DETONATE!!! Serving size Example: undamaged Apc =600 points + each person (if healthy)=100 points
+50 for each dead person and +50 for destroyed vehicle and +50 for kill style

SO,,,...............If i hit an APC with 3 people i would get:>>>>>>>>1250 points<<<<<<<<<<

So now go out there and put your new tactic to work!!!!


~Sgt. Legolas-
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Offline Klingon.Dentist 
Hands up who thinks legolas & plasmadude are very same guy.

AKA Hamush. BF P$F future update:

* more levels. bought extra tp? tough luck.
* attachments upgrade.
- +3 weapons in store, and +5 later.
- buff tier3 hp toughness.

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Offline DrugMan24 
every time i use my 870 shotgun i get people calling me shotgun noob, its quite funny, not as strong as the BC2 version people seem to forget that shotguns aside from close range, idk if its a bug but i cant go out of the aim down sights after shooting for a sec,

oh and the recon "beeping ball" is to see enemies in your radar also for your teammates, that are moving in a giant radius although of you stay still while you hear the beeping you are invisible and you can at times catch enemies off guard.

oh a weird bug i found out(I'm sure others too) is that the satellite surveillance when activated the enemies that are being affected by a "motion sensor" of your team actually get canceled effect
(31-10-2012 09:48 PM)Hamush Wrote:  Hands up who thinks legolas & plasmadude are very same guy.

why would he make 2 accounts with the same 2 classes

[Image: damiambored_zps0540d543.jpg]
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Offline AMMO 
Awesome, try Playing on a lower settings to get rid of the lag.

[Image: ammo.png]
2010 - 2013
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Offline Klingon.Dentist 
(31-10-2012 09:48 PM)Hamush Wrote:  Hands up who thinks legolas & plasmadude are very same guy.

why would he make 2 accounts with the same 2 classes

yup.. I didnt check profiles.. its just that he had fast long reply in 10 mins written in very similar style.

AKA Hamush. BF P$F future update:

* more levels. bought extra tp? tough luck.
* attachments upgrade.
- +3 weapons in store, and +5 later.
- buff tier3 hp toughness.

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Offline DrugMan24 
(31-10-2012 08:55 PM)Sgt.Legolas Wrote:  Put all 2-4-6 C4 on your truck.

when i got enough tp to get c4 and used 6/7 c4s the blast was so strong that would kill everything is a big radius, including myself.

[Image: damiambored_zps0540d543.jpg]

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