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Offline Autopunisher10 
Here's a list of stuff that should be added/removed from BFP4F

New attachments that is ''fixed'' on the gun such as the holographic sight.
*flash suppressor
*Acog sight
*Red dot sight
Also attachments for handguns!
Not any exact maps, but It would be awesome to have an actual dogfighting map, Where both teams start out with 5-7 jets, kinda like coral sea in BF1943, but with some ground where you could land to. Also an underground map. Slightly like the tunnel in damavand peak or operation Metro in BF3.

Obviously. I'll mention the mortar strike and elite/veteran weapons such as the veterans usas 12. As for the mortar, just remove the booster completely. And for the shotguns, Just nerf or remove the elite and veteran shottys.

Game modes:
Add rush. That is all. Also check this out: http://battlefield.play4free.com/en/foru...?tid=56373

Signs: eXchance9
Thanks for your time!
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Offline eXchance9 
sign Smile and no removing Big Grin

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