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Many of you who have already used the sponsorpay service will have noticed that many of the offers aren't given correctly. Therefor this small guide, how to get them. (Note: this guide is written from my experiences with Sponsorpay and Sponsorpay service). I am not responsible for any problems that occur during or after following this guide! On the very bottom of this page you'll find a very short summary(step5), which actually tells enough.

1) Sponsorpay Introduction

Sponsorpay is a service which allows you to earn battlefunds by completing offers. The Sponsorpay offers can ben seen by pressing: Store->Get Play4free Funds-> Earn Play4free funds.

2) Different kinds of offers

There are 3 main offers you will find.
- "Free offers" : These offers do not require you to pay to receive your battlefunds. Most
likely you'll be using these to get your battlefunds.
Note: Some of these will require you to download something(most likely game).
Please make sure these files are trustworthy!
Minimize the chance to download a virus[/i]
- "Surveys": Surveys will often not get you your battlefunds. Read further on how to get them
- "Paid offers": These will require your to buy something before receiving your battlefunds. The amount of battlefunds you receive are however mostly higher.

- There is a fourth group of 'Video', but I never found such an offer.

3) Actually receiving your funds
As many of these offers require you to do certain things that are often forgotten, or just don't work properly, players are often not rewarded with their funds. If you however want to make sure you get all of your funds and are willing to spend a bit of time on it, you will most likely be able to get it all.

It is highly recommended to use a spam-emailadress, as many of the offers will send you promotion emails:
First of all, open the Sponsorpay support page. On the Sponsorpage site in the right upper corner (just above the offers and 'sort') click on 'support'(might say something else). This will open a new page. This page shows which actions are offers are still being Processed and which are Done.
If you want to know when Sponsorpay credits your account with the funds, you might want to enter your emailadress in the box. These finalized offers are also shown on the bottom of the page.
This page is important, as it allows you to report certain offers.

If you are going to complete multiple offers, it might be wise to take a piece of paper.

Go ahead and click an offer you want to complete. Make sure to read what the information asks you to do. In most free offers you'll have to registrate, use a emailadress for spam (and it is wise use false information!). After doing what has to be done, check the support page (or your email) or the or it is still being processed. DO NOT DELETE ANY CONFIRMATION EMAILS YOU RECEIVED, WHEN USING SURVEYS, DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE AFTER THE SURVEY IS FINISHED.
If the offer is in the 'done' section, then congratulations, your battlefunds should be soon creditted on your EA account.
If the offer is in the processed list:
- Surveys, take a picture(ctrl+PrtScrSysRq (right upper top of keyboard), open paint, press ctrl+v,(cut parts you do not want to have others to see), save the picture) of the end of the survey you finished and save it to your computer. This will be your evidence if the funds are not going to be credited.
- Offers with confirmation email: do not delete the email that confirms your registration.
- Offers with no confirmation email: take a picture(see Surveys) that proves that you finished the offer and save it to your computer.

this is where the piece of papers comes in handy: write down which picture (name) or which email is linked with which offer

Now wait until the time the offers states to complete. (Might have to wait longer).
Go to the Sponsorpay Support page and look or it is still being processed. If it is, next to it you'll see a bottom: "Report problem". If you can't see this, please wait another hour.
Take a picture of the confirmation email and save it to your computer, or use the picture you have already taken.
Click 'Report problem'.
In the pop-up, enter a REAL emailadress, a name. Explain the problem in the message box (I did not receive my credits). You'll also see a bottom to upload evidence. Choose the file and upload it. If this service is not working, use an uploader like www.tinypic.com to upload your file and insert in the message box a link to your picture.
Click 'Send'
You'll receive an email from sponsorpay with your 'Ticket', confirming your report.
Wait a few days (I received a reply after 1-2days)
You'll most likely receive an email stating that the you have been creditted.

4) Cleaning up the mess after finishing

After being creditted(on the game too!) you'll want to clean up the mess these offers made.
Before deleting the mails, click the mails from the offer you used. Most of the will give an (hidden) option to Unsubscribe. Find it and click on it. This should stop the mails you receive.
Now delete the mails from the offer.

5) Short summary
Many of the offers don't work properly. Therefor read carefully what they ask you to do and after finishing take a picture of the ending of a survey/ confirmation email/ ... . If after a few hours you have still not been creditted, go to the support page ( see step 3) and report your problem with the picture as evidence. Make sure to Unsubscribe to all the emails you get after you have been creditted

Note 1: At the moment of writing this guide, there is still a problem of actually getting the funds in the game. They have been finished by Sponsorpay however and are in the 'Done' List. THIS IS NOT SPONSORPAYS FAULT.

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I dont use the earn free button I use a website that pays me so I can get money for paypal to buy funds Smile Nice guide though

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