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Offline Silvanoshi
[Image: BFP4F---F-Sale_en.jpg]


Having switched over to our new currency, Play4Free Funds, it's time to stock up on Funds for future purchases as we're now offering discounts of up to 25%!

Original Amount: Bonus: Total:

4000 Play4Free Funds No Bonus 4000 Play4Free Funds
5000 Play4Free Funds No Bonus 5000 Play4Free Funds
12000 Play4Free Funds 10% Bonus 13200 Play4Free Funds
15000 Play4Free Funds 15% Bonus 17250 Play4Free Funds
21000 Play4Free Funds 20% Bonus 25200 Play4Free Funds
50000 Play4Free Funds 25% Bonus 62500 Play4Free Funds

To take advantage of this Play4Free Fund sale, head on over to the Get Play4Free Funds page and fill your pockets with Funds, Soldier!

* The SMS payment option is excluded from this offer.
** Offer ends on January 22nd at 07:59 UTC.

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