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Also known to civilians as a shovel, Spade, or &^%$ (When you get hit by one)
[Image: USMC_ETool.jpg]

An entrenching tool or E-tool is a collapsible spade used by military forces for a variety of military purposes. Survivalists, freedivers, campers, hikers and other outdoors groups have found it to be indispensable in field use. Modern entrenching tools are usually collapsible and made using steel, aluminum, or other light (low specific gravity) metals. (Thank-you very much Wikipedia, You said it all!)

What an E-Tool could do in game:
A. Dig a hole for infantry to fall into, that takes them x seconds to climb out off, slowing their attack, or allowing you to shoot them. Takes 15 seconds in game to dig.

B. Dig a Bigger hole for vehicles to fall into, So that they may be shot. It takes 20 seconds for a vehicle to back out of one. Takes 30 seconds to dig.

C. Hide a mine, or claymore under a pile of dirt, so it may not be seen. Takes 10 seconds to preform.

D. Dig a Small Trench or Foxhole, to protect yourself. Takes 20 seconds to do.

F. Fill in a hole, to make it safe. Takes as long to fill in as it dose to dig.

E. Clobber someone over the head, for 50HP damage. Takes 2 seconds to do.

Entrenching tools, if strongly built, can also be used as weapons. Some entrenching tools can be even sharpened on one or both sides of the blade to be used as cutting tools or weapons; in fact, when used as such, the tool's sharp, thick edges are strong enough to cut through flesh and bone. During the Second World War, entrenchment spades were used in close quarters combat between German and Soviet forces. During the Korean War, the American soldier Anthony Kahoʻohanohano killed two Chinese soldiers with his entrenching tool. Soviet Spetsnaz units were well trained in the use of the standards short-handled Russian entrenching shovel ("saperka") as weapons; by the nature of their missions, such tools were only rarely used them digging or entrenching positions. Modern commando forces, too, are trained to fight with entrenchment tools.

The E-tool would be available after a tire two training, perhaps with each ability being unlocked after one point spent. Their would be a short 5 second animation of your solider unfolding the E-tool after you switch to it.

Support with our Signature. (Made cheap and tough, like E-tools)

[Image: attachment.php?attachhash=c6f4cc96d3cffd...mp;amp;c=1]


Edit: Could someone please tell me how to make a link in the image.

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