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How do i put or make a signature for my forum thing?
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User CP > Change Signature

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Klick here for changing signature

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/moved > Signature Central

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find an image (google images) or a photo website like picnik ( http://www.picnik.com )
For google images: this is easier. Go to UserCP, Change signature, now copy the link for the image you
picked, and paste in the box where you would type your signature. Now, at the beginning of the bunch
of words, put [img], and at the back put [/img] Now click Preview Signature!!! Note: the picture can not be more than 900 pixels long and no more than 250 pixels high, or a moderator will take it down.

For Picnik: Take a screenshot of your soldier ( not necessary, but i did )...... Now go to http://www.picnik.com and click upload photo. Pick the screenshot, or any picture and now you should be able to edit it. If too big you can just crop it to the right size. When you are done go to save and share
and click save photo.

Now, go to http://www.photobucket.com, make an account ( free ) and click upload ( in green ).........
Pick your photo.... Now go to view album, click on your photo........... There should be boxes on the right of the screen.... One should say "direct link"...... Highlight the words in that box and copy it ( right click, copy/copy image ) Now go to BattlefieldPlay4free, UserCP, Edit Signature, Paste in the box you would type your signature ( right click, paste ) Now at the beginning of all the words, put [img] and at the end put [/img] Now click preview signature and your done!!! If done correctly you should have a nice photo that you just edited.....

If using a MAC Computer just hold down control and click.... ( thats how to right click with only a one click mouse... If you didn't want a picture, like i just explained how to make, just go to UserCP
Edit Signature, and type what you want to say..... Hope it works!!! Big Grin

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