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Offline Learning2Kill 
Hey all, thanks for taking a look :)

So, I just noticed the "Rename Soldiers" option that was added under "My Stuff". Just a quick question, if someone were to rename their soldier, would that name still be able to be used? If so, I guess it would be a 699 BF/character "deletion" in a way.

Just a week before the SponsorPay thing came out, I made a second account for my two other classes; but I just realized it'd be a lot easier if I had them all on one account. Because of the SponsorPay thing, I'd be willing to get 1398 BF just to "delete" my second account.

If not, well.. I'd be great if EA added that feature :P

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Offline HomeSen 
If I understand you correctly, you want to rename the soldiers of your second account to some "nonsense", and then create 2 new soldiers on your "main account", using these names, right?
I think that the "old" name will be available again, as soon as you give that soldier another name. But I'm not 100% sure Wink

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Offline Learning2Kill 
yep exactly that :)

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Offline VitalBullet 
What HomeSen said will work Smile
If you rename your other 2 soldiers then the names they were using will be available again, so you can call your new soldiers that if you like.

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