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Listen up Soldiers!

At the start of this month, we released weapon customization, an update that gave players the ability to personalize their arsenal as they saw fit. During this update we removed all “Elite” and “Veteran” primary weapons and in their place owners of these weapons were given new weapon attachments named “Legacy” items, that they could add to their guns.

As some of you may have already noticed, these “Legacy” items have made these weapons too powerful, significantly affecting the balance of the game which we did not foresee. So in an effort to restore balance and an enjoyable experience for everyone, we are eliminating all “Legacy” attachments and removing them from the game.

Existing owners of “Elite” and “Veteran” weapons (a.k.a "Legacy" attachment owners) will still get something in return, as we will replace your existing base weapons with new, unique, “+3” versions. These “+3” weapons are more powerful versions of the current base weapons with slightly increased stats and can still be upgraded with the full catalogue of customization items.

We value our community and your experience with the game is our top priority. We know it’s not fun to feel like you can’t win, and we know it’s not fun to feel like there’s no challenge. We’ve taken these steps to help ensure that we are delivering the most enjoyable gaming experience possible.

These changes will take into effect as of Tuesday, December 20 @ 09:00 UTC

If you wish to discuss these changes please head on over to this thread. [Image: update.jpg]

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